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Your 10 Minute Toolkit to FEEL BETTER FAST!

This toolkit is designed to help you learn to manage your emotions quickly and easily in any situation. When you learn to stay in a positive feeling state more often, you enhance your ability to FOCUS in the direction of your choice … in the direction of your goals and dreams.

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About the Author

Renée Brown is a Spiritual Mentor & Visualizing Coach who offers simple, effective ways to blend the purity of spiritual concepts with the passion of delicious worldly experiences. As a lifetime student of metaphysics, Renée has a special talent for designing Law of Attraction focus groups and tools that provide laser-like clarity, empowering you to implement concepts immediately with fast, effective results. Renée has served as Chaplain, Youth Director and Teacher for many years in the Unity church. She has facilitated training and Master Mind groups, both spiritually focused and in business. She has a strong background in sales, project management, and business management. Renée also has served as mentor to children in the public school system.

Renée Brown is the creator of VISUALIZE 123, which has been written about in Unity Magazine. After a devastating divorce, Renée designed tools and processes to help her flourish and renew her life. She developed these exact processes and tools into a system that teaches you to harness the power of focus using her visualizing self-study course which is based on Law of Attraction and the science of Vibrational Energy. This system is very simple to learn and powerfully effective. It can be implemented in less than an hour, and only requires 15 minutes per day to incorporate into your everyday life for amazing – real – results. For more information about this innovative self-improvement system, please visit her website: