13 Weeks of

Assured Strength

and Sacred Support

to Find Your Way

in Life Being

Who You Really Are

May I ask you a deeply personal question … with total sincerity, from my heart to yours?

What keeps you awake at night?

Or – robs you of feeling eager to begin a new day?

Something that just feels off about your life and you want it to change.

Based on my own personal experience – and the concerns shared by many Beautiful Beings who have the courage to be vulnerable during open-heart conversations we have shared together…

I feel pretty sure you’re feeling something like this:

I’ve had it! I am so (curse word ;-) tired of not being able to get my life to be the way I really want it!

I want  ____________ to change!  And I want it to happen for real … and I want it to happen NOW!

(Fill in the blank … what’s your biggest, most painful “not enough” or “can’t seem to figure this thing out” …?)

I’m talking about feeling – fully and freely – deep down, really good about yourself, your life, and your ability to have the life you truly want and deserve.

Tell me if I’m close …

It could be about something very practical and real – an issue in your life that needs a solution right away:

  • You just can’t take one more month (or week) of not having enough money – and not knowing how to deal with the bills and pay for the things you need and want for yourself and your family.
  • You just can’t stand to get up and go to that job you absolutely hate – or to have to deal with somebody at work (or in your life) for one more day who is so impossible to deal with, it just feels miserable.
  • You just can’t get that extra weight off to feel really good and look good in your body – so you can fit into your favorite pair of jeans or the swim suit you bought but can’t bring yourself to wear in public.

It could also be about things a bit more esoteric, yet just as deeply important for you:

  • You realize that you really can’t be your true self with the people in your life – and you’re exhausted from the soul-sucking drain of keeping up the charade just to maintain those relationships.
  • You realize how hopeless it seems every time you see the news or hear people talking about events in the world – and it makes you sad or scared because you don’t know how you can possibly make it better.
  • You realize that so many people are living with their hearts closed off, doing and saying cynical, harsh or even cruel things – and it makes you angry or disillusioned that this has become the acceptable culture for us.

The common element in all of the situations above is one thing:

You don’t seem to be able to create the life you really want – and you don’t know how to change that!

It leaves you with so much emotional confusion and mental-clutter – and it can soon lead to a real sense of despair from feeling bad about yourself.

If you are feeling emotionally bombarded and overwhelmed …

If you are feeling depleted and drained by what’s happening in your life …

If you are feeling like life is just way too hard … and you know it’s not meant to be this way.

I agree with you!

Trust your instincts.

You know – at the deepest part of you – it could be so much better.

If you could just find the space and strength to regain your sense of sureness in life … you know it could be better.

And yet, you’ve tried your absolute best, and you can’t seem to stop the storm of stressful thoughts and overwhelming emotions long enough to make the change you so badly want (and need) to make in your life.

That is such a painful place to be in, right?  It feels horrible!  It is deeply painful.  I know this personally.

You might even feel a sense of despair. You may have lost all confidence in yourself. And that’s the worst feeling of all.

I promise you – I truly know how bad that feels.  I get it.  I’ve been there, and it feels awful.

Eventually, you start to have serious doubts if you’ll ever figure it out!

And that can create a sense of having lost your way … and you begin to feel like you’re losing your joy in life!

Please don’t give up on yourself. Please don’t give up on the things you want in life … The practical things you need right now, and the glorious broad vision of wanting a better world for everyone.

There is a way through this … a SAFE HAVEN within your reach.

May I offer that to you now?

I know first-hand how awful this feels … and what it takes to navigate this deep, dark storm.  And that’s exactly why I sincerely want to offer my personal experience to help you.  I want to share with you how I dealt with it and you can too.

I discovered and implemented a skill set that is a powerful blending of Art and Science.

The truth is … there is a definable path to create this shift for you.  And it’s not about struggling harder and sacrificing more of your happiness or physical well-being.

You’ve already sacrificed way too much.

You’ve already struggled way too hard.

It’s time to stop this buying into BS rules about harshness being necessary or virtuous.

C’mon, really? That’s just nonsense!

Harshness doesn’t help. It actually makes things far worse.

Here’s what I know for sure …

You deserve to enjoy and express all that makes you unique.

You deserve to nurture your well-being every single day with ease.

You deserve to achieve what matters to you in ways that feel good to you.

There is a process to do this …  a process I’ve developed and used personally.  A process that I can teach you and support you to learn.  A process I experienced with the help of powerful and loving mentors. A process that I enhanced with my own personal gifts and skills … and my own powerfully loving Heart Energy.

As you step into this process, you will feel relief immediately. The relief will continue to grow as you experience the shift from struggle and sacrifice to regaining your stability … and then deepen into replenished strength and sustained assurance, as you resume life with a new vision and fresh eagerness.

This shift can happen in ways that feel much better than what you’ve been experiencing.  Life can begin to feel much more clear and certain for you very soon.

Are you wondering how?

Well, it’s going to require a different approach than you’ve been trying.

It involves change from the inside out in a way that incorporates body, mind, and spirit.

It involves change using Energy first and inspired action second.

Imagine, 13 weeks from now … you approach every day and every aspect of your life with a powerful new perspective and simple-to-apply daily transformational tools.

What if you could begin living this way?

Power of Vision with Laser Focus

In all you do – you have the Clarity of Knowing and Trusting Who You Are and What You Desire

Vibrational Wisdom of Emotional Awareness

In all you choose – you feel the Certainty of Knowing Your Worthiness and Awakening Your Capabilities

It involves Remembering Who You Are at your very core – the Pure Essence of you that has a foundation of goodness relished with all that is remarkable and delectable and uniquely YOU.  This creates a sacred container of freedom and spaciousness from which to expand that formula.

With a resounding assurance to trust your Worthiness, comes an awakening of capabilities you may have forgotten or doubted – or never knew were there.  These are your unique gifts and attributes for enhancing the joy of life for yourself, for your loved ones, for all that matters to you.

This empowers you to create a lifestyle steeped in meaningful experiences.  The shift has been made, and you will forevermore navigate this natural flow of the upward spiral of completion, expansion, replenishment, renewed vision, and eager anticipation for more of what you love about life.

My ultimate desire for you is to support you into – first – becoming replenished by this deep remembrance, and – then – to support you as you develop the skills to hold that power – your Core Essence – as a sacred space in the world.

It will be a skill that you carry with you forevermore, and it will serve as a torch that lights a way for all those you love and who you influence.

YOU will become the SAFE HAVEN in your life … now and always!

  • SAFE HAVEN: 13 Weekly One-Hour Private Coaching Sessions with Renee

MODULE 1: The Wisdom and Science of Leveraging Energy Vibration

MODULE 2: Discover Your Personal Methods to Align with Life Force

MODULE 3: Cultivate the Power of Focus to Gain Positive Momentum

MODULE 4: Harnessing Aligned Energy and Focus with Inspired Action

MODULE 5: Clarity – Part A – Uncover the Brilliance of Who You Are

MODULE 6: Clarity – Part B – Explore Your Deep Delicious Desires

MODULE 7: Certainty – Part A – Your Core Essence of Worthiness

MODULE 8: Certainty – Part B – Awakening Your True Capabilites

MODULE 9: Completion – Expanding into an Upward Spiral to Enjoy Life

MODULE 10: New Life Vision – Part A – Designing Your Customized Life Vision

MODULE 11: New Life Vision – Part B – Implementing with Customized Tools

MODULE 12: Customized Meditation with Vocal Toning – Designed for YOU!

MODULE 13: Your Choice – Extra Session – You schedule this to fit your needs

Each of these sessions will be conducted by phone or Zoom video conference with Renee.  These are private sessions and entirely confidential. You will be provided digital materials to accompany each session.


Immediately after registering for the program, you will receive these items:

Everyday Magic & Miracles – Audio Course (2 hours)

Everyday Magic & Miracles – eBook

Your Daily Compass – Daily Action Plan

Feel Better Fast – Worksheet for Emotional Mastery

Better Body – Worksheet for Improved Health & Fitness

More Money – Worksheet for Improved Career & Finances

Loving Life – Worksheet for Improved Relationships & Self-Love


ZEN in the Art of Vocal Toning – 4 Private Sessions with George Grant … and more!

I’m so excited to add this new feature to my coaching program. I was looking for a way to offer you additional methods to bring the power of Vibrational Energy even deeper into your body. A dear friend and trusted colleague introduced me to George Grant, whose expertise in Vocal Toning is highly regarded. My friend who recommended George is a Board Certified Music Therapist whose professional skills have served to enhance therapy results in a wide range of situations, from patients in maximum security prisons to children with autism. Here’s​ what she has to say about what you will experience learning from George as we add the Art of Vocal Toning to your coaching sessions:

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with George Grant for over 20 years. His work is exceptional. George brings to the table experience as a musician and vocalist. His vocal toning is especially beneficial as a means for improving emotional and physical well-being. I personally have utilized George’s techniques as a practitioner. He has earned my wholehearted support and endorsement.” ~~Cynthia Shawcroft, MT-BC

Zen in The Art of Vocal Toning will include four private 30-minute sessions​ with George Grant, one per week during the first 30 days of your coaching program – in addition to your sessions with me. You will come away feeling an amazing sense of confidence and openness. These sessions are designed to instruct you with the core elements of Vocal Toning so that you will be easily able to enjoy the many benefits of Vocal Toning in your daily life. George and I will also provide you with a beautifully designed and simple-to-use handout for the training techniques.

Then, during the rest of our private sessions together, we will enhance your coaching and Vibrational Energy work by sharing the beautiful and deep Zen elements of Vocal Toning together. And, there’s one more powerful New Feature I will be offering you …

George and I will create a customized Vocal Toning Meditation Audio to specifically​ address your most important concerns that we uncover during your private coaching sessions. I will design a beautiful and powerful meditation to accompany the Vision Plan we create in the final phase of your private coaching. Then, George and I will add a deeply moving – and completely unique for you – Vocal Toning recording that weaves throughout your meditation. You will have this as an mp3 to use daily. I promise you will love the way this supports you to connect with your Core Essence and live from your deepest Joy.

I believe you will love your experience with Vocal Toning, and these are  just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy from adding Vocal Toning to our coaching sessions:

* Enliven Energy Flow in Your Body

* Expand Your Energy Field

* Consciously Resonate Energy

* Fully Open to Receive Energy

* Cultivate Full Body Breathing

* Develop Left & Right Brain Connection

* Embrace the Power of Focus with Flow​

Here is what a recent client of this new Safe Haven program said about her experience with George as she learned Vocal Toning:

My experience with George was amazing~ By putting simple tones together with a focused intention, it allowed my mind feel the vibrations throughout my whole body and connect me directly to source.  The shift is life changing!”  ~~DC


ZEST in the Art of Essential Oils – Boutique Collection of Essential Oils and Spa Products to Replenish You in Mind, Body, and Soul.

I have carefully chosen my favorite products that I personally use and trust because I understand just what you will need on this journey … to Soothe Stress, Renew Emotional Strength, Re-Calibrate Focus, and Re-Set Your Compass on JOY!

I’m truly delighted to bring essential oils of the highest caliber and quality to my coaching program. As I have already expressed, I was looking for a way to offer you additional methods to bring the power of Vibrational Energy even deeper into your body, mind, and spirit.  During a deeply challenging time in my life, a mentor and business colleague shared with me how she had developed a Daily Protocol of Essential Oils (and products made from essential oils) that helped her grow her business by 10 times … all with less stress and more energy and focus.  I said “Yes, Please!!!” I’ve enjoyed my own Daily Protocol ever since, and I promise you this … it helped me enormously during one of the most challenging times in my life.  I used these exact products daily to manage physical exhaustion, mental fatigue, emotional overwhelm, and spiritual high-conscious evolvement.  It feels good, it nurtures you – body, mine, and spirit – and it supports me to align with magic and miracles for me personally and for my business focus.  I am sure you will feel the same way ;-)

The delectable goodies you will receive in your Boutique Collection:

*Mental Focus: InTune Essential Oil Blend Roll On

*Inspired Joy: Elevation Essential Oil Blend Drops

*Soothing Sleep: Serenity Essential Oil Blend Drops

*Spa Replenishment: Serenity Essential Oil Blend Bath Bar

*Spa Rejuvenation: Nourishing Body Lotion (Unscented for use with all of the Essential Oils)

*Energizing Boost: Citrus Bliss Essential Oil Blend Hand Lotion

*PLUS* Personalized Protocol Designed for YOU: Private Consult w/Renee

I want to ensure you know how to maximize the powerful benefits of these essential oil products for your most ideal experience during the Safe Haven program.  So, I am including a one hour Wellness Consultation as we design your Personalized Protocol for using these Essential Oils and Spa Product to support you during the 13 weeks.

TOTAL VALUE for this Bonus is OVER $170!

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS – Be one of the 1ST Three Beautiful Beings who join in this new program (before June 30th) and you will receive one more amazing essential oil bonus …

*Natural Radiance:  Immortelle Essential Oil Blend Roll On (valued at just under $100)

TOTAL VALUE when you add this Extra Special Bonus is OVER $270!


I gave a lot of thought to what I wish I had known more fully or implemented better during my life-changing transformations.  The kinds of things that would have made it so much less frightening, so much faster and less grueling to get through, and saved me precious time and eradicated (or lessened) the amount of self-doubt because of how hard it was to get beyond.

Here’s what I can promise will help you – that I wish I had known sooner – and I want to offer to you now:

A – Self-doubt is a serious issue. At the core of the solution to the damage of lingering self-doubt is the Absolute Knowing that you are Innately Worthy. I know how painful it is to suffer self-doubt at this core level, and how much this severe self-doubt prevents you from making progress in every area of life.  This program is designed to champion YOU to know beyond a doubt … You Are a Worthy Being!

B – Managing Your Energy Field – emanating within you and from the vibrational resonance of the people surrounding you – is crucial. It is scientifically proven that when you place yourself within higher frequencies (which can be measured) it will raise you up powerfully. Likewise, it can be scientifically demonstrated that when you allow yourself to remain within lower frequencies, doing so will pull you down dramatically. This interferes in detrimental ways for you in terms of your emotional resilience, your mental focus, and your physical well-being.  You don’t necessarily have to end these negative relationships to learn how to manage your Energy Field. Instead, we will develop your most ideal tools and choices to cultivate the thoughts, feelings, and heart resonance which is a true match to the Core Essence of you as you were born to enjoy.

C – The longer you delay getting support – from people who have shown they are trustworthy to support you with honor – the harder you are making this journey. I was raised to be independent to the point of harm.  I was taught that, if I needed help in any way, that made me weak and was something to feel shame about … and I would be severely punished for it. BS!!! It takes courage to be vulnerable, and it takes strength to ask for help. It’s absolutely crucial that we do NOT open our vulnerability to those who cannot or will not support us in ways that are honorable. Even spiritual teachers sometimes practice harsh methods and sadly lead people into more suffering and unnecessary sacrifice. I say – enough of that nonsense! It’s harmful and crazy-making to put yourself through that. I will offer you consistent caring with kindness; consistent wisdom steeped in peaceful power; and I will consistently call you forward in Pure Divine Love within a sacred space of fully believing in all that is beautiful about You as you deepen your assurance to feel fully deserving for YOU.

Now, I want to be completely candid with you about something.

You will need to be willing to try some things that might seem strange at first … aligning your energy before taking action.  Learning new wisdom and science as a core foundation first, rather than immediately jumping into a sense of frenzied action and pushing, striving, trying to make things change as fast as possible.  Haven’t you already tried that? How did that work for you … not so good, I’m guessing. Allow me to support you in a deeper life-changing approach, working from the inside out. We’ll take inspired action after we calm the storm, as you regain your stability.

So, I ask you to really step back and consider this:  What have you got to lose?

You’ve tried everything you know to do … now, why not try something counter-intuitive?

Allow me to offer you a respite to soothe your weariness.

Allow me to support you to find calm and stillness.

Allow me to compassionately hold you in a sacred space to remember who you really are …

The inner strength of you.

The wisdom and courage of you.

The loving beautiful person you truly are … because I believe in you!

Because once the foundation is established … the magic begins!

Then, we build from that core foundation to uncover the Clarity of who you are and what you desire beyond what you have allowed yourself to explore before now.

Next, we enhance that inner strength and wisdom by adding absolute Certainty about your worthiness and your capabilities … in ways you don’t even realize you have!

Then, we finish with a beautiful and bountiful new vision for your life, and the daily actionable plan to expand into a marvelous cycle of Completion.  You will begin achieving what matters most to you with a new perspective … from within an upward spiral of becoming more and more from a deep center of your core power and beauty and values.


Contact me to schedule your Complimentary FREE & CLEAR Coaching session:

There is no charge – no catch – no kidding ;-)

  • To give you a sense of who I am and what I stand for … here’s a lovely unexpected endorsement for me that was posted on Facebook as I celebrated my birthday recently:

“A few years ago, a spirit blessed my life one night as I tended bar at Frank Lloyd Wright’s only actualized high rise. She saw me, my light, we bonded, and she instilled in me an idea that changed my life: The idea that our dreams may be willed through [vibrated into] self manifestation. She taught me to release my woes unto the Spirit, to ask for guidance it would then be. That was Renee Brown, whose birthday is this day. So, thank you, Renee, for the gift of your presence, your friendship, your wisdom, love, tenderness, and charm. What a powerful blessing you are in mine and countless others lives. I hope today is filled with bounties of love, laughter, celebrations, and joy. I’ll be there with you in heart and spirit. Here’s to many many many more radiant circumnavigates around the Sun. I love you!”  ~~ Ryan J. Sanders

I cannot describe the deep joy and honor I feel when someone expresses to me that I contributed to their life changing for the better, and they are now experiencing a joyful life and sharing their Light freely in the world. It’s the best ;-)

And so, Beautiful Being … I hope you now feel very comfortable to contact me and schedule your Complimentary FREE & CLEAR Coaching Session. Here’s what that will look and feel like for you:

We will begin by a review of where you are now – and where you desire to be in the next 6 to 12 months.  Next, I will offer my suggestions for how you can best do that and provide real support for you to begin.

You will come away from this complimentary session feeling a sense of CLARITY and RELIEF … FREE to begin again after enduring for too long the pain and confusion from feeling adrift all alone in a stormy sea.

If this program is a good fit for your ideal path to the life you desire, I will offer it to you and answer all your questions about the program. Then, we will make the arrangements to get your started and schedule your weekly sessions, and I will send your materials right away.

I sincerely look forward to having a heart-based conversation with you.


Let’s have that conversation today:

I believe we are meant to Live nJOY!

Renée Brown

Spiritual Mentor & Life Vision Coach

ZEN and ZEST Lifestyle Coaching

About the Author

Renée Brown is a Spiritual Mentor & Visualizing Coach who offers simple, effective ways to blend the purity of spiritual concepts with the passion of delicious worldly experiences. As a lifetime student of metaphysics, Renée has a special talent for designing Law of Attraction focus groups and tools that provide laser-like clarity, empowering you to implement concepts immediately with fast, effective results. Renée has served as Chaplain, Youth Director and Teacher for many years in the Unity church. She has facilitated training and Master Mind groups, both spiritually focused and in business. She has a strong background in sales, project management, and business management. Renée also has served as mentor to children in the public school system.

Renée Brown is the creator of VISUALIZE 123, which has been written about in Unity Magazine. After a devastating divorce, Renée designed tools and processes to help her flourish and renew her life. She developed these exact processes and tools into a system that teaches you to harness the power of focus using her visualizing self-study course which is based on Law of Attraction and the science of Vibrational Energy. This system is very simple to learn and powerfully effective. It can be implemented in less than an hour, and only requires 15 minutes per day to incorporate into your everyday life for amazing – real – results. For more information about this innovative self-improvement system, please visit her website: