The Legacy of Louise Hay: You CAN Overcome Fear

In celebration of Louise Hay's 91st Birthday ... let's expand her legendary wisdom: A BELIEF IS JUST A THOUGHT, AND A THOUGHT CAN BE CHANGED!
“I handle my own life with joy and ease.”
~ Louise Hay
Today would have been the 91st Birthday of one of the most cherished mentors and spiritual teachers of our time – the beautiful, brilliant, and marvelous LOUISE HAY – who made her transition earlier this year. This remarkable lady is one of only a handful of people about whom I make this claim – boldly and utterly …
Louise Hay changed my life profoundly and with the depth of true lasting transformation.
I read her first book, You Can Heal Your Life, in my 20’s to support me during my first Big Conscious Choice. That significant choice was to accept that I had been well trained in dysfunctional patterns from my childhood upbringing, and then CHOOSE (from the depth of my Conscious Self) to learn healthier and more effective relationship skills.
I made a commitment to myself that I would develop dynamics to implement my spiritual principles AND also live fully with my heart open. I wanted to develop skills for joyful living and loving connections in all my relationships. The truth was that I was fearful of patterns of co-dependency becoming the “norm” as the natural result of developing that survival pattern to avoid or minimize the daily childhood abuse in my home.
So, I made two hugely impactful decisions:
A – I took myself to a counselor who was absolutely brilliant and whom I felt completely safe with – and whose specialty was co-dependent relationship patterns.
B – I read Louise’s first best-selling book (You Can Heal Your Life) and did every single exercise, no matter how emotionally perilous it felt at the time … without fail.
The combination of the spiritual and practical approach began a life-long love affair for me with this way of approaching life. This birthed my ultimate passion to cultivate the ZEN and ZEST Lifestyle – for myself and as a Spiritual Mentor and Life Vision Coach. If you would like to explore this … you’ll see an opportunity below that is TOTALLY FREE – no catch, no kidding ;-)
TODAY – I am joining in the commemoration by offering you 3 GIFTS TO CELEBRATE LOUISE HAY’S 91ST BIRTHDAY!
(1) – One of the best videos on YouTube by Louise Hay is this one – Overcoming Fear. She stood for cultivating SELF-LOVE as the premier tool to overcome FEAR BELIEFS. I love this video, and I highly recommend that you take 20 minutes to enjoy it!
(2) – Hay House is honoring Louise with a birthday celebration today, where they are sprinkling her ashes in a remarkable and beautiful way, in memory of her love of trees and her powerful landmark work with Aids patients back in the day where nobody else in the world seemed to be willing to help. She saved many lives, and lovingly supported the dignity of those whose lives were lost.
Check out the full scoop on the Hay House website – along with some free gifts for this entire week.
(3) – From my own metaphysical tools, I want to offer this wisdom. Affirmations often get a bad rep as something fluffy or a pie-in-the-sky approach to overcoming problems. I believe that stems from people not understanding the purpose for affirmations, which leads to a HUGE MISCONCEPTION! Affirmations are a powerful tool for AWARENESS … they are NOT meant to be a “magic wand” approach. It is absolutely true that our words and thoughts have power. Words spoken in pure Energy Alignment are very powerful … I know this for sure ;-) The key there is to ALIGN YOUR VIBE!
What is most significant to understand about affirmations is to use them for Self-Awareness. Allow me to explain …
As Louise Hay taught throughout her life with her unique style of warmth, strength, and love:

The TRUE PURPOSE of using affirmations is this – to bring to your awareness what positive desires you hold that are congruent with what you believe … and reveal those desires which you hold incongruent beliefs about. Without that awareness, you cannot possibly change your beliefs. Why? Because you won’t realize that you are fighting against yourself with negative beliefs, all the while repeating carefully selected positive words. See how that works? (And why, without this wisdom, affirmations won’t help you – right?)
Awareness is the cornerstone of all personal growth – from both a practical approach and using spiritual principles.
• Would you like to explore how to develop this foundational element: Emotional and Self-Awareness?
• Do you realize how impactful this will be for you, to finally be free of the turmoil of having a desire that conflicts with your deepest beliefs?
• Once you have the awareness of a belief that is interrupting you from taking action to achieve what matters to you, do you know the steps to rise beyond that stuck point?
It’s my absolute passion to CHAMPION YOU to live a meaningful and joy-filled life!
Together, we will clear your mind and that emotional fog will lift for you … smoother sailing will be soon to follow.
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Renee Brown –
Spiritual Mentor and Life Vision Coach
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I hope this tribute to the Legacy of Louise Hay inspires YOU! Please enjoy these gifts I selected for you, and share them with anyone who might benefit from her teachings. She was a true Pioneer Woman, and the world has been richly blessed by her many contributions.
How do YOU choose to be Conscious Pioneer in the world today? Your unique gift is valuable too ;-) Love to explore that with you!
Blessings nJOY,
Renee Brown –
Spiritual Mentor and Life Vision Coach
ZEN and ZEST Lifestyle Coaching
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