Safe to be YOU and Enjoy Life

Ahhh ... the deliciousness of being within that feeling of SAFE HAVEN: You feel completely safe to be Who You Really Are ... and Enjoy Life!

What if you could feel really safe and secure in your own space – your body, your heart, your mind … every aspect of you in every aspect of your life?

What if, because of that deep sense of safety, you could really begin to breathe deeply and open up … and let yourself BE Who You Really Are!

So then, from that powerful Core Essence, you could expand your awareness and engage your life with more energy, focus, and calm strength … and begin to really enjoy the life you desire for yourself and your loved ones.

Is that something you would like to know more about?

Here’s something I know for sure that will profoundly change everything!

The path to building that Core Foundation lies within you … and there is someone who is able to stand with you, create a Safe Haven, and then with calm strength and unwavering sureness in your brilliance and value … call you forward into this powerful radiance within you.

Imagine how that would feel to have someone totally safe to be vulnerable with – who is waiting patiently to take you beyond the storms of life and into a safely empowered process … so that you can feel replenished to achieve your dreams!

Well, Beautiful Being … that person is available for you right now, right here.

I am here to champion you to believe in yourself.

I am here to support you to navigate the storms in your life.

I am here to empower you with science, spiritual wisdom, and practical tools to use in your everyday life … to ease the strain, re-ignite your hope, and move forward with renewed calm focus.

I have a gift for you that will teach you a few key essentials for replenishment and renewal, tell you more about me, and introduce you to my new program.

SAFE HAVEN: 13 Weeks of Assured Strength and Sacred Support to Find Your Way in Life Being Who You Really Are

The gift I would like to offer you is a replay from a recent Webcast, when a trusted colleague and mentor interviewed me. We had a deep-heart and innovative conversation about things like …

What is the #1 reason people stay stuck in cycles of stress and struggle?

What are 3 things they can do to turn that around and shift their life now?

How can you know when someone is trustworthy to support you in change?


In the replay, I answer the three questions above, and so much more!  I also describe the details of my new program – and extend an invitation to have a loving and empowering conversation with me to achieve Clarity about something meaningful in your life – right now.  It’s complementary, and the way to schedule that is to email me here:

Here’s how to explore more about SAFE HAVEN and consider if this is a good fit for you, or someone you care about:

So, why am I passionate about offering a Safe Haven approach to change at this time in our lives? It’s because of the lingering damage of ongoing stress which can only be eliminated through a multi-faceted approach.  We first need to calm our powerful chemistry-producing minds so we can replenish our vitality and harness the power of focus. Then, we will be able to engage the wisdom of our emotions to feel renewed hope and sustained eagerness and strength to move toward a joyful life.

Allow me to offer two powerful examples…

  • Feeling Safe and Secure is the First Step:

I recently read a beautifully inspiring story in Daily Word magazine written by the Founder of Playmakers Mentoring Foundation. Greg “Coach Roz” Roeszler told about how he discovered, as a new high school football coach in one of Sacramento’s roughest areas, that many of the students he was coaching and teaching had no place to live and no idea where their next meal would come from.  He quickly realized the need to establish the football team as a sense of “family” where they could find refuge and safety.  That is true caring. How can we expect students to learn when they are hungry and scared?  Likewise, how can we expect ourselves to be our best when we feel alone and unsure, or stressed and overwhelmed?

  • Replenishment of Vitality is the Next Step:

I first learned about the science of the “dance” between safety and vitality while contributing to the marketing project for Bruce Lipton’s first best-seller, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. Bruce is a renowned cell biologist (Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.) and in this first book he brilliantly and humorously teaches the science behind how our mind automatically shifts into survival mode when stress is in our energy field. Because of this powerful reaction, we literally revert to primal thinking and survival behaviors when living under momentary or continual stress.  As he explains from his research, our body’s mechanism for protection and growth cannot operate optimally at the same time.  Our bodies are designed to either be in growth mode to sustain vitality of organs and produce energy we experience as vitality – or to be in protection mode, which inhibits nourishment of organs and stops energy production beyond the requirements to fulfill the “fight or flight” response.

“You can survive while under stress from these threats but chronic inhibition of growth mechanisms severely compromises your vitality. It is also important to note that to fully experience your vitality it takes more than just getting rid of life’s stressors. In a growth/protection continuum, eliminating the stressors only puts you at the neutral point in the range. To fully thrive, we must not only eliminate the stressors but also actively seek joyful, loving, fulfilling lives that stimulate growth processes.” (emphasis added)

~~Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., The Biology of Belief

It’s absolutely essential that we choose a joyful life beyond merely managing stress.  And, of course, it’s also a beautiful way to live.

There are more facets to my approach, which you can learn about on the Web page and by listening to the Webcast replay.



The most important wisdom I lovingly leave you with – with sincere encouragement that you take heed – is to begin now to calm the storm and find a Safe Haven, so that you can begin to focus with vitality and move forward into the worthiness of the life you want.

I believe we are meant to Live nJOY!

Renée Brown

Spiritual Mentor & Life Vision Coach

ZEN & ZEST Lifestyle Coaching

About Renée Brown

Renée Brown is a Spiritual Mentor & Visualizing Coach who offers simple, effective ways to blend the purity of spiritual concepts with the passion of delicious worldly experiences. As a lifetime student of metaphysics, Renée has a special talent for designing Law of Attraction focus groups and tools that provide laser-like clarity, empowering you to implement concepts immediately with fast, effective results. Renée has served as Chaplain, Youth Director and Teacher for many years in the Unity church. She has facilitated training and Master Mind groups, both spiritually focused and in business. She has a strong background in sales, project management, and business management. Renée also has served as mentor to children in the public school system.

Renée Brown is the creator of VISUALIZE 123, which has been written about in Unity Magazine. After a devastating divorce, Renée designed tools and processes to help her flourish and renew her life. She developed these exact processes and tools into a system that teaches you to harness the power of focus using her visualizing self-study course which is based on Law of Attraction and the science of Vibrational Energy. This system is very simple to learn and powerfully effective. It can be implemented in less than an hour, and only requires 15 minutes per day to incorporate into your everyday life for amazing – real – results. For more information about this innovative self-improvement system, please visit her website: