The Alchemy of Love: Using Peaceful Power to Douse the Fire of Anger


You must BE the change you wish to see in the world.  ~Mahatma Ghandi

Hello Beautiful Beings! Let’s Make Magic this week … what d’ya say?

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It’s Sunday again, and I am honored and delighted to bring you a new Cafe Conversation ;-) The reason I chose Sunday for my daily posts here is because of a weekly ritual I enjoy every Sunday. This is the day I “set my tone” for the upcoming week by reviewing my Life Vision and re-setting my Compass … focusing my conscious intention to create a Joyful Life from the Power of Love – the only real power.

There’s been a lot going on in our lives this past week. Here in the US, there was a lot of emotional turmoil happening all around us after our recent presidential election – and that holds true whichever candidate you may have supported. Everywhere in the world, this is a powerful time for planetary movements and beautiful fast moving energy channels. So, let’s harness all this juicy energy flow to make magic and miracles in our lives! Are you with me?

I want to offer 3 Tips you can use throughout the coming week to support you in shifting out of any limited thinking or do-ing, and more easily flow into expansive be-ing … which will open you to guidance for divinely inspired actions … which will harness this powerful energy to create magic and miracles all around you. Before I do that, I have a story that demonstrates how this exact process shifted the energy dynamic from a very hostile environment into one of mutual respect – this is a true story from my life.

In years past, I worked as a paralegal and office administrator for a law firm. I assisted the managing partner in running all aspects of the law firm – hiring, managing the money, etc. I also had my own case load with over 100 open cases working with the Staff Attorney of the FDIC, the President of the largest bank in town, helping loved ones settle the estate of a dearly departed, and the joy of managing the incorporation of new businesses for our clients who were beginning a new venture. I loved all of it!! There was just one problem … we worked in teams of 3 – attorney, paralegal, and legal secretary. The legal secretary was shared by both the attorney and the paralegal and was expected to support both of us equally. The young woman who had recently been hired as the secretary on my team strongly resented doing anything to support me. We were almost exactly the same age, she was putting herself through college for a pre-law degree, and I had just finished doing the same and had graduated wit honors. (I was taking a year off before law school – which I never pursued because of a new passion that emerged.) One of the senior partners tried to appeal to her that she and I had so many reasons to be friends, so why the animosity? Well, I never really knew the whole story. Here’s what I decided to do. At one point, the hostility became so constant (this was all day/every day at work, remember) and so intense that I considered quitting. The managing partner held a meeting trying to force her attorney boss to fire her. Then he held a meeting with the two of us trying to attempt mediation. There was no reason she “hated me” except that she resented working for a woman her same age. She had agreed to this when she was hired, and yet she was resentful to the point of being hateful now. What to do?

I decided to bless her silently every time I was near her. The more hostile she was, the more I blessed her! As I guide my coaching clients … if you can’t sincerely bless someone’s heart, then bless their butt! (Do this with a wink and a giggle – with the intention to engage humor to create Light-hearted-ness, never as a disparaging way of treating someone.) One day, I noticed as she walked into my office, that she had a huge ugly run in her panty hose. She was always meticulously dressed, so I knew that was probably very uncomfortable for her. I kept a spare pair of hosiery in my desk, so I offered that to her. She was very grateful. A week or so later, she came into my office with a replacement pair – the exact brand I wore which was a bit pricey for her as someone putting herself through college and at her salary. She told me how much she enjoyed wearing that silky pantyhose I had given her, and appreciated my generosity given how unkind she had been toward me for so long. The hostility was over. Love Won!

Want to join me in creating magic like this in a situation you are experiencing? It’s much simpler than you might think. It requires only two commitments: COURAGE and CONSISTENCY.


(1) Dowse the smoldering embers of any lingering un-forgiveness toward the other person – and yourself – by pouring your true inner nature of Liquid Love steadily and generously within and without.

(2) Joyfully ignite a new fire by using your Power of Focus to Light a new Life Vision for yourself – choose what you truly desire to experience in this situation and trust that Love will prevail.

(3) Nurture the tender new flame by committing to be in your Powerful Presence moment to moment – select a key word or phrase as your focal point going forward, and remember that the only emotions you are able to manage are the ones YOU are feeling and radiating.

We only have control over own emotional awareness and choice of focus – not that of others. Let go of the useless effort of trying to control anything else. Instead, choose to BE the energy resonance you wish to experience. It is through the influence of our loving energy field that others will lessen their animosity around us, and perhaps choose to join us in a more loving approach to their own experiences. When that happens – their new energy resonance will radiate to at least 10 people in their sphere of influence.  ALCHEMY!

Beautiful Being – THIS is how we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

I invite you to share your experiences using this approach in the comments. I wonder if you realize that every time you comment here and contribute YOUR Beautiful Heart Energy … you uplift many people who you may never know or even hear from … ? YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

much love and blessings nJOY!

~Renee Brown

Life Vision Coach and Spiritual Mentor

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