Fragrant Thoughts: The First Step to Change Your Life

There is a clear and certain flow to building the momentum that will create lasting change, and it all begins with your thoughts.

“If you want to effect substantial change in your life experience, you must think thoughts that feel different as you think them.”  –Abraham

I’m guessing that you’ve heard a lot about “the power of positive thinking” for many years. Yep, me too! I’ve been a student of metaphysics and spirituality my entire life and it began with the pivotal awareness that thoughts create our reality … or more accurately, they are the first step in our conscious awareness that we hold the power for creating our reality.

I invite you to take a moment and reflect back in time … when did you first learn about the power of your thoughts to shape your life?

Mine actually began as a very small child – when I was about 18 months old. It was 1960, and on the very day my mother was divorced, we moved to a new city so she could begin her new job in the Treasury Dept. of Phillips 66. This was a bold move by a young woman with three small children. My mother was that brave, because she knew it would allow us a better life – more income, better schools, and a blossoming metaphysical community. This move would yield much more for me … my initial awakening to the power of thoughts, and the power to create life by design.
As I continued to attend our “church” this powerful awareness grew and grew, day by day. My only sense of spiritual or religious training was my metaphysical teachings at the Unity Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma – formed by a phenomenal woman minister who was deeply wise and whose inner strength was awe inspiring! It was quite unusual at that time in history to be a woman minister, and even more unusual to claim yourself to be a student of “metaphysical Christianity” … I laugh as I write this because I can’t begin to count the number of times people told me that I was part of a cult.
Did you ever hear that sort of silly nonsense on your spiritual path? Well, don’t let it get to you! So long as you are in a spiritual practice that encourages you to honor YOUR Truth above anyone else’s … there’s nothing to worry about. You’re a pioneer, Dear One … and I applaud your courage!
My pioneering minister – Rev. Ruth Jacques, whom we affectionately called “Jacquie” – honored the little one that was “me” by inviting me to travel with her as she developed more metaphysical communities across my home state. I was too young to attend school yet, and my mother had her hands full with my sister who was terminally ill for about 4 years.
Isn’t it interesting how something that feels incredibly tragic can also bring with it a hidden and life-transforming blessing? Jacquie took me under her wings as a way to support my mother, as an attempt at lessening all she had to manage during those years.

It was a wonderful way to be introduced to leading edge thinkers at the “grassroots” level. It shaped me powerfully!

I have pursued that passion my entire life, and I have discovered some important distinctions that will impact YOU, Dear One.
FIRST – Changing your life is ultimately about momentum. Creating a new momentum requires three steps:

  • Step One: You have to begin the momentum, which can feel rather difficult in the beginning
  • Step Two: You need to diligently maintain the momentum as best you can (it can be a bit messy)
  • Step Three: You must hold steady as the momentum “morphs” your life in ways you didn’t expect ;-)

(Please keep reading for one simple action you can take right now to embrace each of these three steps – short and sweet, I promise!)

SECOND – Soulful expansion has an element that is deeply private and personal. You will need to make room for this in your lifestyle.

  • Once you make this commitment, you will need to Honor YOU and your Soulful Path above anything else. Wait, before you panic and stop reading! You don’t have to give up anything or anyone, unless they are harmful and in that case … giving that up is a gift, not a sacrifice, right?
  • You can love everyone you choose to love, and you will actually expand into a person who effortlessly loves even more people!
  • You can enjoy every beautiful experience you desire, and your desires will grow into more and more beautiful experiences.
  • You can find the delicious balance of both loving others and enjoying this beautiful Life … while Honoring the sacredness of YOU above all else.

THIRD – You cannot express your core essence – both the ZEN and the ZEST of life – without the support of others with similar hearts and like minds.

  • You will need to learn how to allow the fullness of the Love of your Source Energy both inwardly and outwardly through the love of others.
  • You will need to learn how to allow the revealing of the Honor that your Source feels for you both privately and from the appreciation of others.
  • You will need to learn how to allow the bountiful Support by your Source both in Sacred Moments and in the deliciousness moments of worldly Life experience!

Here’s what I know for sure! There is a clear and certain flow to building the momentum that will create lasting change.
You first begin with learning about the power of thoughts. You then expand into understanding that emotions are the magical indicators of the effect you are creating with your thoughts. Then, you intentionally focus your newly founded Peaceful Power as you learn to sculpt your life through your consistent resonance – the Energy you are vibrating, moment to moment. It’s a beautiful way to live … and I want to support you all along your journey!
So, today I am introducing a wonderful new tool to support you day-by-day as you BOLDLY CLAIM the first step into changing your life: Choosing beautiful and empowering thoughts.

Drumroll ……

Fragrant Thoughts – Daily Video Series

This is something I feel inspired to offer as a daily ongoing gift to empower, uplift, and illumine those of us – like you, me too! – who are dedicated to becoming Masters of our Mental Focus, Emotional Flow, and ultimately … Masters of Living Life by Our Own Design. These short video pieces of encouraging insights and baby-steps of wisdom, coupled with beautiful and inspiring images, will be posted on social media daily and are designed to help sustain the momentum of powerful change from the inside-out. Here’s the first episode!


Remember the Three Steps I mentioned above? By reading this blog post and watching the video, you have already taken Step One … congratulations!
Now, let’s keep the momentum going – that’s Step Two, and it’s quick and easy to get this in place for you. Register to personally receive these daily videos – Fragrant Thoughts for You – by following me on my Facebook Page: ZEN and ZEST LIFESTYLE COACHING.

I’m available to personally help you with Step Three – what to do when life gets a bit overwhelming, and you need some backup to support you! I’m offering you a “Re-Charge to Feel Better Right Now” private session with me – and it’s complimentary! Send me an email and we will schedule your session right away:
Together we will assess what’s happening for you, and I will guide you firmly and lovingly into a space of strength and clarity. I will walk you through a process to immediately regain your confidence and you will come away with a fresh, effective approach to the situation. (Your session will be scheduled in advance, conducted by phone or Skype, and last about 45 minutes. Want more details? Go here: Re-Charge to Feel Better Complimentary Private Session)
That’s it … you’ve now put into practice the three steps to boldly claim the first practice that will ensure you are creating lasting change. I look forward to speaking with you in our upcoming session!

Until next time, Beautiful Being, please know ….
I am here to champion YOU to know your innate worthiness and Live nJOY!

~Renée Brown
Life Vision Coach & Spiritual Mentor

PS – Did you find this first video inspiring? Did you learn something new and impactful from this article? I would love to hear about it! Please post a comment here on my blog. I will be happy to answer any questions and offer additional insights for you, too!

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