How Many Ways in Your Life Are You Wearing a Shoe That Pinches?

“Don’t Wear a Shoe That Pinches.”

~~ Gary Zukav

I have always loved this expression by one of my most cherished spiritual teachers and authors, Gary Zukav.  Like me, you may have heard him say this on Oprah years ago when he was her weekly guest for the original series exploring spirituality.

I also love this iconic photo of the marvelous Marilyn Monroe. Now that was a lady who didn’t hold back letting her brilliance shine! She blazed a bold trail for women that remains unmatched.  Whatever your opinion of her, I invite you to respect the courage it took to BE Pure Marilyn.  And, celebrate that for women everywhere!

Are you wondering why I paired this image with the quote by Gary Zukav? If you know Gary Zukav, you will know that he is one of the most humble, kind, and loving Beings we could ever hope to meet.  That makes this instruction and wisdom from him even more significant.  Why? Because he is not advocating selfishness that might be defined as uncaring or thoughtless.  Rather, he is instructing us to honor ourselves first and foremost.  From that deeply fulfilled energy space, we have vasts amounts of love, kindness, caring, and generosity to extend to others.  Along with TONS of joyful Life Force to radiate into the world ;-)

I recently was invited to co-create a tele-seminar around the idea of “Are You Tired of Feeling Like a Round Peg in a Square Hole?”  This concept was well received on Facebook, and my co-host (Scout Wilkins) and I had a wonderful response.  We were delighted in the conversation that organically unfolded between us, and the tools that she and I and my awesome Team member (Dea) created to share on the tele-seminar that day.  I want to offer you the replay (audio recording) and the tools (PDF handouts) in case you missed it, or if you would enjoy listening again ;-)   Before I do that, here’s something else I want to suggest …

  • What does it mean to wear a shoe that pinches?

The idea of overcoming “square peg – round hole” syndrome is similar – but not the same as – the concept of “wearing a shoe that pinches.” It’s an important distinction, so let’s explore it together.

From my perspective, and from the feedback I received after the teleseminar – all of which was positive ;-) … those of you who resonate with the idea of being tired of trying to fit yourself into someone else’s rules or model of lifestyle to such an extreme that you feel like you’ve been struggling with “Square Peg – Round Hole” Syndrome … might resonate with the feeling that life is hard and it’s not supposed to be that hard and you’re tired, fed up, and overwhelmed with trying to make THAT lifestyle work.  I hear you!  I’ve been there.

There is a unique nuance for those who resonate better with the concept of “Wearing a Shoe That Pinches” in way too many ways in your life.  From my perspective, that is an upward spiral of the stronger “not fitting in” piece.  If you resonate better with this expression, I believe you’ve done some work to move into a higher vibration – more freedom of expression and more conscious awareness of your innate worthiness to BE Pure YOU – and yet you still discover almost daily, so many ways in your life that you’re still trying to dim your Light, guard your Heart, or diminish your Beautiful BE-ingness.  I know that one all too well … I feel you.

  • How many ways in your life are you wearing a shoe that pinches?

Here are a few ways that you might be wearing a shoe that pinches:

  1. You withhold free expression of your creative brilliance.
  2. You withhold full expression of your sensuality.
  3. You refrain from going all out (or all in) in so many ways of loving life!
  • Would you like to be free of that, beginning today, as a NEW moment by moment lifestyle?

If any of this resonates with you – the stronger desire to “Overcome Square Peg – Round Hole Syndrome” OR the softer (yet equally significant) nuance of struggling because of all the ways you “Wear a Shoe That Pinches” in your life – I have a simple solution ;-)

First – Listen to the enlightening and empowering conversation between myself and Scout on the replay.  You can find that on this web page, along with the wonderful tools we designed and provide in the handouts – both are available here:

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Second – Schedule a complimentary session with me to explore this together.  In your Personal Empowerment Session, we will explore a 3 Step Daily Process for you to free yourself from either the “Shoe that Pinches” or the “Square Peg – Round Hole” limitations.  In your complimentary session, I will teach you – in ways that are uniquely my gift and talents – how to (a) focus on JOY each day, (b) nurture your relationship with your Self to enhance every other relationship – including the relationship with money and business – and (c) the most powerful use of Energy which is how to let your Desire magnetize you forward in ways that feel like delicious ease and joy!

On the web page above – you’ll see my photo and email, plus a little about what I promise to my clients.  If you already know you want to connect with me, here’s how to do that:

“My passion is to champion people to deeply know their innate worthiness so they can live nJOY!

Imagine if you could harness the power of focus and connect with the true meaning of your emotion?

It will simplify your life, so you can finally have what you really want.”

~Renée Brown

Life Vision Coach & Spiritual Mentor


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