The True JOY of Life is Unrestricted Energy Flow

How would you feel if you could begin Dancing with Life Energy as your natural life experience?

You are extensions of Source Energy. And when you allow that pure Source Energy to flow through you, you are so bright and beautiful; your timing is good; and you feel vital and alive in your body. And as others see you, they wonder what your magic is. But it only seems like magic because it is experienced by so few. It isn’t magic. It is available to everyone. But you must allow your alignment.

How are you doing in this magical experience we call Life?

Are you …

Dancing with Life Energy and living nJOY!

Are you …

Hiding out, in total overwhelm, with no idea how to make it better.

Are you …

Trudging through with confusion and exhaustion, wishing it could be easier.

I’ve experienced all three of those states at various times in my life.  Whichever answer is true for you – please know that it is temporary, and there is a simple way to begin to shift into flowing with Life Energy … and most importantly of all – please do NOT criticize or condemn yourself if you’re not where you want to be. (Try never to do that, Dear One!)

Imagine … if you could wake up every day (or even most days) feeling eager because you truly believe that you’re going to have delicious experiences today.  And you have a deep inner Knowing that you really do matter in this Life.  And you have a wonderful sense of sureness about Who You Are that allows you to open your heart, step out boldly, shine your Light brightly … because you Trust that you are both worthy and capable of creating, receiving, and enjoying a wonderful life.

How would you feel if you could begin to live THAT life experience as your natural way of Dancing with Life Energy?

This month, I am creating a series of blog posts to support you to achieve that in your life.  Intrigued? I hope so!  Here’s how that will play out:


In the month of April, the focus of my blog posts will be:  How to get the FLOW started to finally have what you want.

Week 1 – In today’s post, I will explain the concept of FEELING your desire more than focusing on the RESULT (yet).  The result will come naturally and almost magically, once you maintain the awareness of how it feels to be there ;-) and then relax into a joyful journey like a child on a Treasure Hunt.

Weeks 2, 3 & 4 – In the rest of this month’s posts, I will offer specific tips to apply this concept to the three most significant areas of life common to all of us:  More Money/Better Career – Healthy Body/Improved Fitness – Loving Life/Improved Relationships.

Here we go …


The true joy of life is unrestricted Energy flow.  Here’s what I mean by that ;-)

When you are in that delicious dance with life, you know who are and you are flowing with ease in positive movement toward what you desire.  That feels good!

In this flow, you know you are worthy and you feel totally capable to do whatever is needed by you, to be guided to whatever resources you will need to support you, and to ultimately have the exquisite sense of “I DID IT!” that we all enjoy as the ultimate achievement of a desire being fulfilled.  That feels fabulous!

Today, I would like to take you through the 5 Part Process to begin your flow, and then expand your momentum even further in the next few weeks.


To begin the flow, we’re going to “begin with the end in mind” – what your desire as your lifestyle 6 months from now (or a year from now).  I learned how effective this approach is many years ago from thought leader and author, Stephen Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  It’s also my favorite piece of wisdom from the brilliant and renowned physicist, Albert Einstein, who taught that we must raise our consciousness to the level of the solution in order to solve any problem.  He explained that we can’t solve a problem from the same level of thinking (awareness) from which it was created.  Makes sense, right?

So – Where do you want to be in your life in the next 6 months to a year? I invite you to describe this from a feeling state of the lifestyle you want … more than specific tangible things you want to manifest.  The reason this approach is more empowering than the traditional approach to visualize “things” is because your true power lies in cultivating your alignment with the energy flow of the Power that Creates Worlds.  This will be experienced by you as a “feeling” state – not a “having material things” state.  Just to calm any worries that might have popped up for you … You will also be able to manifest all the beautiful things and experiences you desire … once you achieve your ability to live in this delicious Dance with Life.


In working with my clients, and for myself, I have found that the best way to unravel what gets in the way of having the life we really want is to ask yourself these two questions:

  • What am I tolerating?
  • Why am I tolerating this?

There may be several things you are tolerating, and if so, please ask yourself “why” separately for each toleration.  Here are some examples:  unloving relationships, unfulfilling job or career, demanding clients, unsupportive friendships, financial strain, being overweight, lack of vitality, cluttered lifestyle, overwhelm and struggle as a way of life.


The solution to rise above the aspects of your lifestyle that feel intolerable and have crept up on you unknowingly is called a “Toleration Blitz.”  This is where you commit to untangle one-by-one the BELIEF that has each negative behavior locked into place within your current lifestyle. This is CRITICAL to do BEFORE you tackle making the change in the form of action alone.  Here’s why …

Another common obstacle that I have found in working with my clients (and for myself) that prevents a clear path to what we really want is the deeply ingrained fear of change.  It’s a common human condition as a result of our subconscious programming which is designed to keep us safe.  You see, whatever is going on that feels bad is more familiar to you – and therefore more comfortable to you – than change, regardless of how positive that change will become.  That may seem strange, until you consider it from this perspective:  You already KNOW you can survive even the most intolerable aspects of your current lifestyle (at least up until now) … but your subconscious mind doesn’t know for sure if you can survive what may accompany the positive new lifestyle you desire.  Make more sense now?

Make a plan to address each item that you listed as something you are tolerating.  Be gentle with yourself and supportive as you would a small child learning to walk.  Use the process below to guide you on this journey.


From a spiritual and vibrational perspective, what has caused your energy flow to become “stuck” or more correctly, what is creating the resistance to unrestricted energy flow, is that you’ve SPLIT YOUR ENERGY.  You want to be at Point B (the desired lifestyle experience) and the grip of the fear of change has you focusing on staying safe at Point A (where you are now, tolerating things you no longer want as your lifestyle).  It’s like two steps left, then two steps right … hard to get any forward momentum going, right?

So, now we get to the juicy stuff!!!  How to begin the flow of the upward spiral of positive momentum – making change from the inside-out that will create lasting lifestyle enrichment. It will happen for you like this …

A – Begin a daily ritual where you spend 2 minutes immediately upon waking each morning (before getting out of bed) FEELING into these three Truths:

  • I now allow myself to receive the Love of the Universe and I am worthy of living nJOY.
  • I now allow myself to receive the Honor of the Universe and I am worthy of living nJOY.
  • I now allow myself to receive the Support of the Universe and I am worthy of living nJOY.

I suggest you place your hand on your heart as you feel into receiving the Love of the Universe, on your solar plexus as you feel into receiving the Honor of the Universe, and on your pelvic area (above reproductive organs) as you feel into receiving the Support of the Universe.  TIP:  Your focus is on the FEELING of being in the flow of receiving … not any particular outcome.  Take deep relaxing breaths as you do this process.

B – Throughout the day, pause often to focus on the feeling of RECEIVING from the Universe … receiving Joy, Love, Guidance, Support, Beauty, Inspiration.  It’s important to have the desired outcome clearly in mind, and then step into Life Force Energy Flow and allow yourself to be inspired to action, rather than be in a total mental state of willpower that drives you to take action.  Do you feel the difference?

C – When you feel yourself getting lost in the old momentum that has kept you in the flight/fight/freeze mentality – which prevents your ability to make conscious choices that will create the desired change – here’s a simple process to get unstuck and resume the FLOW:

  • S – STOP the frenzied thoughts
  • T – TAKE a breath and relax
  • O – OPEN you heart to Life Force
  • P – PROCEED with your Focus on Joy!


In the next three weeks, I will explore how to apply this same process to the most common areas of human experience that are important to all of us – finances, vitality, and love.  In each exploration, I will offer specific ways to maintain your flow and allow the momentum to build in each of these areas.

Here’s a wonderful message from the Abraham Teachings to support you this week.  I invite you to listen to it daily, or as often as feels right for you, to nurture the trickling flow we’ve begun today for you.  And, take time to celebrate each day as you feel more and more unstuck … doesn’t that freedom feel marvelous!?

Abraham Hicks – When It Feels Like You Have Stalled and Can’t Move Forward

If I can support you, please let me know how things are going – how things are FLOW-ING for you ;-) with a comment or question.  I also invite you to contact me to arrange a Personal Empowerment Session, if that resonates with you.  ( – it’s my gift to you!)

Blessings nJOY,

~Renée Brown

Life Vision Coach & Spiritual Mentor

“My passion is to champion people to deeply know their innate worthiness so they can live nJOY!

Imagine if you could harness the power of focus and connect with the true meaning of your emotion?

It will simplify your life, so you can finally have what you really want.”

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