Savor Love. Savor Life. Savor You.

3 Peacefully Powerful steps you can implement today that will support you in beginning and sustaining the energy momentum for Living in the Flow of Love

“Momentum really is the most important aspect of deliberate creation that you could consciously contemplate.

Because what momentum says is: Once you get going in that direction, it is more likely that you will continue in that direction.”


It’s Valentine’s Day!

Today, I offer you 3 Peacefully Powerful steps you can implement in this very moment to support you in beginning and sustaining the momentum of Love. My intention is also to offer a few insights that will allow you to experience more love, whether what you desire is to feel soothed from what seems to be an absence of love or the grief of a lost love – or – to continue expansively with the love you already enjoy.  I hope this will serve you to become vividly aware that Love IS All Around.

PLUS an Extra Juicy Love Treat …

Music by my favorite jazz artist, Boney James:  Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)

Before we begin the 3 Step Process … let’s first explore your current emotional state on this Valentine’s Day ;-)

  • Valentine’s Day may elicit several different responses for you.

You may feel the sheer joy of openly expressing love to a cherished mate and to others in your life … the loneliness of missing a departed loved one you can no longer share this holiday with … or the disappointment of not having a love partner at this time to share love with and receive love from.  I want to offer a simple insight that will uplift you in either of these circumstances and expand your capacity to feel and enjoy Love, Life and YOU.

  • The Joyful Response

A few days ago, I was at a neighborhood store selecting a bouquet of flowers.  It was bubbling up with the joyful energy of people selecting Valentine flowers to express their love to someone.  There were men carefully selecting just the right arrangement for a lover or spouse.  There was one man asking to have an arrangement tweaked to be more fitting for his young daughter.  There were two or three women who were selecting a bouquet as a cheery note for a friend or family member.  And a few young people were delightfully choosing flowers for a mother or grandmother who they cherish.  It was really fun to be immersed in all that love and joy in motion!

If you, too, are enjoying this delicious swirl of love and joy in motion … that is wonderful indeed!  Please keep reading because there is still more love and more joy ahead for you.

  • The Missing a Departed Loved One Response

Earlier this week, I was joining with others in a Facebook group to comfort a member of the group whose best friend made his transition last week.  Her pain was palpable through her words, and my heart went out to her instantly. My suggestion was to be very gentle and patient with herself as she moved through the grief and sadness.  I also offered an insight from my own personal experience, because I truly do know the deep pain of this kind of loss.  My suggestion to her – and to you Dear One, if this is something you are experiencing at this time – is to remember that the Love never dies.

The Loving Energy of your cherished friend, family member, beloved partner, or precious pet, is still present in your life.  You can only access this presence when you are resonating with Love.  The grieving process is important, and I suggest you honor that however feels best for you.  Please don’t linger in that too long, making the mistake of thinking that the feeling of longing for more physical connection is going to help you feel their Love.  It won’t.  In fact, it keeps you apart from feeling their love.  When you can begin to reach for the Energy of their Love with gentle courage and soft willingness to experience them in a new way – beyond the physical way that is familiar to you … then you will begin the journey of enjoying the continual presence and unending Love from whomever you are missing.

  • The Absence of a Love Partner Response

In some ways, this can be even more painful than missing a departed loved one.  Dear One, if you are feeling the disappointment of not having a loving partner on this Valentine’s Day to share your love with – and to be loved by – please know that I have sincere compassion for that longing.  I have experienced it as well, as most people have … yes?  I do know how disappointing it can feel.  I also know how to rise above it and resume engaging Life with Joy!  It’s a journey that you too can achieve, and it only requires that you begin with baby steps.  Those baby steps will gain momentum, so don’t think they aren’t powerful.  Momentum creates a vortex of energy that leverages the power of the Universe and Life Force … it’s no small thing ;-) All you need to do is be willing to have a tiny bit of courage for that first baby step.  The next baby step will be easier, and the next one a little easier still.

So, you may be asking … what is the baby step to begin this momentum out of longing and into embracing Life with Joy? Here it is:  Open your heart in any way, and every way, that you can.  One baby step at a time.  Moment by moment, day by day. The goal is to keep your focus on the FEELING of living with your heart open and then relax, and trust, and allow Life to bring you to Love … and Love to you.  I don’t mean merely a new love partner, although that is certainly a natural result that you can experience in time, if you choose.  What I mean is the majesty of Living in Love as your natural state.  You absolutely MUST stop focusing on a tangible result of Love and instead, shift your focus to the FEELING of Love flowing to you, through you, and then expressing out from you to Life all around you.  Make that your goal and allow Life Force to support you.  You will be guided with impulses that lead you to just the right place for a wonderful experience.  You will be in the ideal place for someone to engage with you that brings you joy or provides the needed support and encouragement in some external form.  You will soon have tangible results if you keep your focus on the FEELING state of Love … and then allow Life to bring it to you.  Love IS All Around.

THE PROCESS:  3 Peacefully Powerful Steps to Begin & Sustain the Momentum of LOVE

  1. SAVOR LOVE – Pause and breathe deeply.  Focus on something you feel love about.  Savor it like a delicious bite of your favorite dessert.  Celebrate this baby step you’ve just taken.
  2. SAVOR LIFE – Look around at Life.  Find something that moves you with the awe of its majesty. Savor its beauty and marvel at its magnificence.  Celebrate this feeling you’ve cultivated within yourself.
  3. SAVOR YOU – Place your focus within yourself. Listen to your heartbeat and your breath. Consider something you truly enjoy about yourself. Celebrate honoring YOU with conscious intention.  You did it!

This process will ensure the beginning – and sustaining – of a joyful journey that will delight and surprise you!  All you need to do is take the first baby step to begin the momentum. Source Energy will speed toward you and shower you with Life Force, creating a vortex of Love that pulls amazing resources toward you and gently guides you toward them as well.

I invite you to try this for ONE DAY.  When you discover how marvelous it feels, try it for 3 DAYS … and then go for 10 DAYS … and then 17 DAYS.  That will yield a full month of Living in the Flow of Unconditional Love.  I would love to hear from you to know what changes you experience!  Please share in the comments. When you learn to experience Love regardless of the conditions surrounding you, you will begin to realize the Truth of Your Being: YOU are the peaceful powerful center of your life.  This is how you will begin living in the delicious flow of Love, which allows you to become the Divine Creator you were born to be!

One final tipwhat happens if you get really stuck in some painful feeling and you just can’t seem to open your heart? I have a juicy piece of music that is sure to come to your rescue!  The title is perfect because it actually explains what you need to do when you find yourself in the awful feeling of your heart seemingly clamped shut … Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) by my absolute favorite jazz artist, Boney James.  Click the play button, wrap your arms around yourself, and groove to the exquisite, lilting, saxophone joy of this marvelous tune.  It will both soothe you and uplift you … and your heart will naturally open wide to receive the Joy of Life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

May this be the beginning of a marvelous journey for you as you experience living in the flow of Love ;-)

Blessings nJOY,


“My passion is to champion people to deeply know their innate worthiness so they can live nJOY!

Imagine if you could harness the power of focus and connect with the true meaning of your emotion?

It will simplify your life, so you can finally have what you really want.”

~Renée Brown

Life Vision Coach & Spiritual Mentor

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