Stop Casting Your Precious Pearls before Unaware Swine

What to do when your love is trampled in the mud & unappreciated!

If you understood the extraordinary gifts
that every single challenge in your life
makes possible, even inevitable,
you’d celebrate your challenges,
new and old alike, as the omens that they are
of new beginnings and spectacular change.
-The Universe

Welcome to Day 3 of your Activate the Joy of Love eCourse!

Today, we will focus on how to stop casting the precious pearls of your love & your life in the mud, at the feet of the very people who simply cannot appreciate you … those people who are “unaware swine” in your life ;-) - perhaps well meaning, perhaps not.

True Love Way #4: The joy of love comes from freely flow-ing YOUR love

When you feel hurt because a love ended, or someone you hoped would love you never even entered into a relationship with … you might be surprised why you’re really hurting. You might think your pain is about someone else not loving you … not treating you well … not behaving how you need or want them to do to make life feel good to YOU.  Yes, of course, it would feel better if they behaved in way that honors and cherishes you … we all want that.  But, we don’t need to live in such a limited state that we allow it to keep us from being happy, feeling good about ourselves, enjoying life … and expressing our True Love Ways.

There are two scenarios I invite you to consider.  First, the painful emotion is really about not letting your natural love state be felt and expressed.  You’re holding your beautiful and powerful Love Energy inside and putting a wall around your heart.  This is causing YOU pain, as if you are holding a pillow over your head and restricting your breathing!

Another key awareness to understand why you’re hurting is that when you are blaming another person – or feeling angry, perhaps even vengeful toward someone – this means you are not seeing the world through the eyes of Love … the eyes of your Source Energy.  Your disconnection from the very Essence of you leaves you feeling vulnerable and dis-empowered.  THAT is what hurts you!  Feeling unworthy and dis-empowered is the worst feeling you can bring to yourself.  Want to do it differently? Here’s how …

In the movie Eat, Pray, Love, there is a scene where the main character tells her friend that even though her divorce was the right decision, she feels sad because she still loves him. Her friend wisely says to her  - so, love him! Every time you think about him, send him love … then let it drop. My suggestion for you as to how to begin managing heartache differently – and wiser -  is two-fold:

  1. When this person or situation comes to mind, stop your frenzied thoughts and send them blessings. True, sincere blessings to the best of your ability.  If you can bless his/her heart … do that!  If not, bless their butt!!! (no kidding, this works!)
  2. Then, stop engaging in that relationship or situation – emotionally and mentally. Stop the painful pattern you’ve built momentum around, and release the entire dynamic (your part and their part) to the winds of Universe! Set it free!!

I just love the daily email messages from “Think Unique Thoughts” which are sent as “Notes from The Universe.”  Below is today’s email message to me … please substitute your name where you see mine ;-)

When a thing hurts your eyes, Renee, stop looking at it.

When it hurts your ears, Renee, stop listening to it.

And when it hurts your heart, Renee, stop justifying it.

I love you so much,
~The Universe

You love everyone, Renee, don’t you? And we all love this about you.

True Love Ways #5: What to do when your love is trampled in the mud and unappreciated

We’ve all had times when somebody important to us treated us unkindly … maybe they even behaved in a way that was straight-out mean! It hurts in the moment, sure. I’ve felt it too.  But, the reality is that their choice of behavior is a reflection of who they choose to be in life. What it’s telling you is that they are unaware … they are living in an un-conscious pattern.  So, what is this saying about YOU?

The important thing for you to examine is … why in the world did YOU rendezvous with that experience?

Well, here’s the deal … take a deep breath because this can be a little hard to hear sometimes ;-) and please know -  I say it with love!

Vibrationally, you were somehow a match to being treated badly … or you were feeling undeserving of True Love Ways. This is true whether your wounded heart was from a love relationship, a trusted friendship, or even a business dynamic. I have “lived and learned” from each of those scenarios, so I don’t say this lightly. I know it can feel devastating … but if you will stop focusing on “what did I ever do to deserve that?’ … and turn the power of your focus to “how can I raise my vibration to Pure Love Resonance?” … you will move into a beautiful new life.

The painful experience can then become a blessing, and the wisdom you glean will deeply enrich your life moving forward.

Here’s one example from my eBook that tells how I applied the Power of Focus in the midst of heartache during a very challenging time in my life.  I share this in hopes that it will bless you!

“When you feel like the world is beating you up, it’s a good sign … really!” – from Everyday Magic & Miracles (by Renée Brown)

Sometimes, we have such a tough experience that it feels as if the world is beating up on us. I’ve had that experience too. It can be frightening and disheartening. Don’t give up! There is a clear and simple action step to get through that tunnel of darkness.

To be honest, you are probably closer than you could guess to a life that is all you’ve been wanting. That’s why I say, it’s really a good sign when everything gets tumultuous. Not that it has to happen with turmoil – you can learn to do it without quite so much turmoil.

But, we all have periods in our life where there is turmoil. The reason for it is that you’ve gotten a lot of momentum going in a direction that is no longer where you desire to go. Everyone is growing and evolving constantly, and during some periods of our life it happens faster than others. When you have a huge inner growth spurt, your current situation no longer matches the vibration that is now rolling along with momentum. It’s like turning a big ship around, it takes a little while and the turbulence might cause you to think you’re doing something wrong. You’re not. It’s just growing pains. You can use your laser-like focus to get through it, and move ahead quickly in the new direction of your current desires.

Let me share a powerful example from my own life. During my divorce, there was a time for me when it was really tough. I sincerely felt like the world was beating me up, and it felt unfair and very hard for me to manage. I didn’t know why it was happening, and what to do to stop the turmoil.

My divorce had a really harsh beginning. More than once during that period of my life, I was literally brought to my knees with fear and heartache. It was a grueling time, and from it I was reborn into a wonderful life that is much more true to who I am.

Here’s the short version of what I was experiencing:
*I was hit by another driver in a head-on collision that could have killed me – but didn’t.
*My beloved dog, Trey Bear, went through terrible illness and eventually had to be put down.
*In the midst of all the anguish, I had to pull myself together and re-invent myself professionally.

It was a dark turbulent time in my life. I share this with you to show you how I emerged from horrible turmoil, because I believe it will inspire you to trust that you can get through whatever tough challenges you are facing. I have faith in you.

True Love Ways #6: Your unique expression of love is precious and life giving

Don’t ever let anyone cause you to doubt that YOU MATTER!  Now that we’ve cleaned up the confusion around why somebody trampled the precious pearls of your love – your very essence – into the mud … let’s build a foundation for you to never again let that happen!

==>EXERCISE: Celebrate what is special and unique about YOU!

Take out a sheet of paper and list at least 7 things you really like about yourself. Things that you sincerely enjoy about YOU, without regard to how anyone else might feel … your special gifts, unique insights, how you express joy and love … Your True Love Ways!

Nobody else needs to see this – this will ensure that you can be as bold and daring as you like without worry that someone will rain on our parade, or fear of appearing too full of yourself. I invite you to BE full of yourself! Celebrate YOU!

Want to be even bolder? Share in the comments one thing that you really love most about yourself … do you dare?!!! C’mon … join your own party!!!

I have another Create Your Life Video for you today. This one is designed to help you embrace the truth that you are born to be a Star in your own life! Shine bright, be the magnificent Star that you are … strut your beautiful Self in all your glory ;-) Special thanks to LavenderSoul for the beautiful music – “You’re a Star!”

So glad you’re participating in the eCourse!

Tomorrow you will receive the 3rd and final article in this eCourse. But we’re not done!  I’ll be sending a few more messages, and then the Teleseminar happens on Day 7 – Living Unconditional Love: 3 Powerful Steps for Clarity, Certainty, Completion (stay tuned for registration details in a day or so)

In tomorrow’s article, I will dive deeper into how to live a life of love, joy, and empowerment that begins with YOU – without waiting for any outer conditions to change before you begin enjoying your full glory ;-)

Blessings nJOY,


Renée Brown, Spiritual Mentor & Life Vision Coach

“My passion is to champion YOU to Know Your Worthiness to live nJOY!”

PS … Valentine’s Day can bring a beautiful sharing of love, or it can be a tough day to deal with.  If you’re single, you might feel left-out and lonely as if all-the-world is “in love” except for you!  And even the happiest couple can feel so much pressure to make this day “super special” … which can backfire!!

Do you know anyone who might need some encouragement?

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