Claim Your Divine Birthright to BE Pure Love Resonance

Source Energy is the Power - You are the beautiful Flow-er ;-)

“It is understandably human nature

to see yourself as small.

Until you stop seeing yourself as just human.

Should be easy for you …

~The Universe

You are pure energy:

infinite, inexhaustible, and irresistible.”

Welcome to Day 2 of Activate the Joy of Love – 7 Day eCourse!

This will be the first of 3 blog posts designed to build a foundation to understand how to discover and live your True Love Ways.

In this Valentine eCourse, we will build a foundation to support you in achieving these specific spiritual strengths:

  • You will stop wasting your beautiful Essence in situations that are not True Love Ways
  • You will claim your Divine Birthright of Pure Love Resonance and harness it as your Life Force
  • You will begin a new lifestyle in harmony with the Divine Flow of Unconditional Love & Joy of Living

Today, we will focus on harnessing Pure Love Resonance as your Life Force!

Allow me to begin by sharing why I believe this foundation of Unconditional Love & Joy of Living is so critical to your happiness.  I will go so far as to say this … when you embrace this Truth, it will set you free from so many habits and beliefs that keep you feeling insecure, vulnerable, uncertain, and fearful.

If you will open your heart and mind to receive the wisdom in these 7 Days … it will change your life in ways you might not be able to imagine … at least, not yet.

True Love Way #1: Peaceful Power is your Divine Birthright

One of my favorite things to coach my clients to embrace and begin living is this:  The Power the Creates Worlds is constantly available to you for your every need and desire.  To harness this Awesome Power, you must first stop trying to “move the mountains” by yourself, as a frail human.  Instead, remember the wisdom that it only takes Faith as tiny as a mustard seed to move the mountain!  Why? Because that Faith will harness this amazing Power of Life Force!  It’s available in every moment, without fail.

Once you relinquish the silliness of trying to be the Power you need to achieve your goals and desires, you will then be able to Align with the Pure Love Resonance that IS your Divine Birthright. You feel yourself becoming inspired to take actions that feel joyful to you, allowing you to more easily move forward with clarity & certainty!

==>I invite you to TRY THIS EXERCISE:

A simple, but profound way, to provide you a visual and sensual process to begin living in Divine Flow of Source Energy is to look at the beautiful graphic in this post – the flower held in the palm of open hands.  As you look at it, imagine the same flower unfolding within your very own hands.  Open your hands and visualize it, right now if you will … got it?

Now, ask yourself:  “Whose power grew this beautiful flower?”  Was it yours? No, it was Life Force, God, Source Energy.

You are not meant to strive to become the Power in Life … you are mean to receive it, allow it to flow to you and through you … and then use your Power of Focus to express this Source Energy uniquely in the world … as only you can do.

Please return to your visualization of the beautiful flower held in your very own hand, similar to the image above …

Ask yourself:  “As I behold the delicate beauty and unique fragrance of this flower … am I able to grasp and appreciate the sacred preciousness of Life that exists uniquely in every living form, such as this flower represents?”

One final question … how would your life improve if you began BE-ing the unique expression of Source Energy that you were created to BE…  and express … and enjoy?  I hope you will feel encouraged to express your Pure Essence, more fully and freely.

Source Energy is the Power;

You are the beautiful Flow-er.

~Renée Brown

True Love Way #2: Pure Love Resonance is your True Essence

In my eBook and Audio Course, “Everyday Magic & Miracles” I share the story of how I learned the wisdom that my True Essence is Pure Love Resonance.  I was shown this Truth in a beautiful and powerful dream.  I share this now to help you know that you too are meant to radiate your Pure Love as the Magnetic Power which will allow you to create the life of your dreams.  Here’s that story …

“Shine forth your Light & your Truth” – from Everyday Magic & Miracles (by Renée Brown)

You are the Lighthouse – your thoughts constantly radiate into your environment and that signal is received and responded to by the Universe.

Sometimes, I get powerful answers (the guidance I seek) in my dreams, or upon awakening from my sleep.  I feel blessed that I can ask for guidance before going to sleep, and then allow the dream to unfold.  Or, immediately upon awakening, I will have a thought so strong it feels like somebody is speaking to me, and this provides the answer I seek.

Here’s one of my most powerful dreams providing me Guidance, and this is the reason behind my love of Lighthouses.  I knew I wanted to start a business, but I was feeling anxiety about how I would attract clients.  As I went to sleep that night, I turned it over to The Universe and asked that it be revealed to me.  Here’s the dream that followed.  I woke up and was pulled like a magnet to walk out my front door (in my dream) and down the street to the light on the corner.  I stood there and looked up at the stars.  The light was now radiating from my head, like a huge aura going out into the darkness.  I heard a voice say:  Radiate the Love that is your Inner Truth and the people who are seeking what you offer will find you.

I realized, in that image, I was like a powerful Lighthouse, and my Inner Truth would radiate like the light they send out.  The clients I was seeking were like the ships who would find safe harbor as they were guided by that light.  I chose a beautiful lighthouse as my symbol for my marketing company, and that powerful dream is MY guiding light.  Do you realize that you are living this same image every day in your life?  What Light are you radiating into the world with your thought vibration?  Whatever that is will determine which ships come into your Energy field for safe harbor.

True Love Way #3: Claim this powerful Energy Source beginning today

I invite you to begin today to begin a new commitment:  to consciously focus in ways that radiate the Love that is your Truth.  Please share with me in the comments one way that you would like to use your Power of Focus to radiate the Love that is YOUR Truth.

To help you with that, here’s one of my Create Your Life Videos … designed to help you focus on the Pure Love that is YOU.  Be sure to receive the beauty and power of the music – “Breathe” by Lavender Soul – as you enjoy the video.

Thank you for being on this journey to Activate the Joy of Love!

Tomorrow, we will explore how to stop wasting your beautiful Essence in situations that are not your True Love Ways.  It’s time to stop casting your Precious Pearls before those Unaware Swine ;-)

Blessings nJOY,


Renée Brown, Spiritual Mentor & Life Vision Coach

“My passion is to champion YOU to Know Your Worthiness to live nJOY!”

PS … Valentine’s Day can bring a beautiful sharing of love, or it can be a tough day to deal with.  If you’re single, you might feel left-out and lonely as if all-the-world is “in love” except for you!  And even the happiest couple can feel so much pressure to make this day “super special” … which can backfire!!

Do you know anyone who might need some encouragement?

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