3 Life Lessons – Turning Turmoil into Tranquility

What momentum are you practicing in your life?  Learn the power of energy momentum, and how to shift your vibration quickly and powerfully.

“We just explained to you how creation works, how evolution works, how expansion works, how you get everything you want, how you get EVERYTHING you want … how everything you want makes its way to you. How is it? Focus on what IS working, and you just milk the feeling of it. Just milk the feeling of it.”

As I am writing this, I am so moved by the depth of love and appreciation that surrounds me. I wish this for you, too, dear friend. I didn’t always feel this in my life. In fact, it’s only become a deep, constant, absolute TRUTH for me in the past year.

So, if that isn’t something that you have known as being “true” for you, dear sweet reader … and you want to know this TRUTH … please keep reading ;-)

Although, I’ve been on this journey my entire life … I discovered a much deeper beauty of Life in the past several months through an experience that could have devastated me … but instead, liberated me!

Here’s that story, which I am sharing today for this specific purpose: To bless and empower YOU in your choices.

Just six short months ago, Life as I knew it was drastically altered … everything I cherished was at risk to be abruptly taken from me or ruined. Honestly! I was brought to my knees … physically in danger … my loved ones in peril … it was scary. No kidding.

And yet, here I am … writing this from my beautiful “new” home office in an environment that I love and cherish … one that supports me to be my very highest Self … wow!

Life is a beautiful, incredible, powerful, amazing journey!!! Are you living that kind of life, my friend? If not, I want to help you do so … at the pace and to the extent you can receive it, lovingly and adoringly.

So – what brought me through a near-devastating experience to a place of deep inner peace and outer well-being in only a few short months? That’s the question to explore!

I wish I could tell you it’s a “magic wand” kind of thing … but it’s not. It is most definitely an “in the moment” decision and process. It’s an evolving wisdom. Expanding the present-moment sense of who you are and what Life is about. But then Life presents you with an opportunity to use that wisdom. At that point – that’s when it becomes a magic wand opportunity … if you’re ready for it.

I am so grateful, thankful, and appreciative to all those who empowered me to be ready to make that “magic wand” decision. It kept me safe. It protected those I love. It empowered me to propel through what might have been defeat … but it wasn’t. It was the next chapter in my life.

What led up to such a painful experience for me?
I had my focus and my energy split between what I wanted to happen and what I feared would happen.

How did I overcome the devastating result of my split energy?
I harnessed all my wisdom and inner strength to focus purely on what I wanted … even in the midst of a hellish experience. The power of my focus on Pure Love Resonance prevailed.

What do I realize now to be the huge mistake and consequent “powerful life lesson” that I learned?
The momentum I had allowed to build involved two situations: relationships with an individual and a financial corporation. Both of whom I knew to be ruthless, and yet, for some bizarre reason … I trusted words spoken to me indicating I would be treated differently. I trusted mere words in spite of contradictory behavior all around me.  And more importantly … I trusted mere words instead of VIBRATION and disregarded my continual awareness of dissonance in these communications, and in the relationships as a whole. Surprisingly and shockingly to me and those who know me, I unwittingly placed myself in harms ways … in such vulnerable positions that my life could be seriously impacted by the actions of another. After all, I believe whole-heartedly that every person creates their own life experiences. Why would I have created these experiences? How did I let myself and my loved ones become the bait in a ruthless manipulation? Why was I so willing to overlook their maneuvers I had witnessed toward others until it was directed at me? What happened that I allowed myself to endure multiple extremely harsh experiences that would collide, endangering my safety?

Are you wondering why I didn’t wade deep into the pain and suffering experiences as I explained my story, bringing them to life for you in vivid detail?

That’s a great question! I am practicing a deep TRUTH which I know and which I implemented in these very experiences. It’s absolutely vital NOT to spend much time speaking about (and feeling) the negative experiences of the past, so as not to re-create that in our future. For that reason, I am not going to share all the nitty-gritty details … it simply doesn’t serve you to focus on that, nor does it serve me to re-focus on that. As a way of modeling what I teach and what I believe, I am sharing only the “big picture” scenario of my experiences and then (as you will see) I shift into focusing on the lessons learned. I want to demonstrate for you how to FOCUS on a positive vibration to build POSITIVE MOMENTUM, even in the midst of the worst trauma of your life!

==>This is how you, too, can TURN TURMOIL INTO TRANQUILITY.

Here are the Life Lessons this experience taught me, which I humbly share with YOU to support you to rise above any devastating experiences in your life, dear reader:

1. The powerful message Oprah has shared with her viewers, which she learned from her mentor and mother figure, the Phenomenal Maya Angelou: “Believe someone when they show you who they are … the first time.” Had I “believed” an individual and a financial entity when I witnessed ruthless and vindictive behavior toward others, then I would have never left myself vulnerable and foolishly expected kind and reasonable behavior toward me, even though their words assured me that was true. I would have believed the behavior, not the words. I would have practiced what Deepak Chopra teaches as “compassionate awareness” which encourages us to be fully aware of another persons’ detrimental intentions while also spiritually rising above the temptation to judge or condemn. Simultaneously, I would have followed Maya Angelou’s wisdom to “forgive them so you can be done with them … but [once you become aware they wish you harm] don’t invite that person to sit down to dinner.” I can promise you, that lesson won’t have to be repeated! I urge you, dear one, to circumvent unnecessary suffering with this wisdom.

2. Momentum is a powerful energy force and we must learn to be aware of the momentum we are creating with our unspoken beliefs … the energy of our thought vibration wins out over anything we might speak or do. My deep seated fears from an abusive childhood of not being worthy of love and support, worthy of fresh beginnings after mistakes (for me, a part of the financial crisis many people experienced in our country), and in general, worthy of the absolute best life offers … all of that momentum came crashing into my life like a huge wave knocking a surfer off their board and into a tumultuous sea of confusion. With the grace of God, the support of skilled professionals whose expertise I needed, and the love and support of dear friends and family, I turned the tide. The momentum shifted as I embraced this opportunity to be free of the remnants of childhood wounds that had abscessed over a lifetime. Free at last! It feels so good ;-)

3. We can’t use the power of focus and energy vibration in two directions without creating huge turmoil. As I tell my coaching clients, you can’t ride two horses! You have to carefully select the vibration you would like to build momentum for your life experience, and ride that powerful force with all your heart! You are more powerful than you realize, dear friend … please pay attention to how you are directing the power of your mind! Are you focusing your beautiful mind in the direction of what you DESIRE, or what you FEAR? Either one will play out in your life experience. YOU are the creator of your life. The question is … are you creating consciously or un-consciously? I was creating in two directions at once … fear of what might happen in two significant events of my life, while also trying my best to focus on creating the positive results I desired. I am usually a powerful creator, but this split energy and divided focus kept me suffering in peril until I was able to clarify my focus. Once I gained clarity and certainty, completion was quick and beautiful. Within 48 hours, turmoil subsided. Tranquility became my new normal. Ahh … I am so appreciative of the magnificence I experienced when I surrendered to Source Energy. I would love to help you create more consciously – with clarity, certainty, and completion …nJOY!

I discovered this video with a powerful message from the beloved spiritual teachers known as Abraham. My thanks to I AM Unlimited Me for posting this video clip on YouTube: Abraham Hicks – Have Faith in What You Want.

==>After listening to this powerful message from Abraham … I hope you will ask yourself how you can build momentum consciously by focusing on what you DO WANT rather than what you DON’T WANT. Please post a comment and let me know what new momentum you have decided to begin building … starting today!

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I believe … we are meant to live nJOY,

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