Joyous Anticipation as a Way of Life

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The Universe is abundant with everything that you want. It’s not testing you. It’s benevolently providing for you. But you are the orchestrator. You are the definer, and you do it through your joyous anticipation. If there is an emotion that you are wanting to foster, that would serve you very, very well, it is positive expectation. It is excited anticipation.

— Abraham

It can be hard sometimes to maintain Faith and conviction.  When something is staring us right in the face – either something that has already happened which caused us great loss or pain, or something we fear is about to happen – it takes tremendous discipline to divert our Power of Focus toward what we (perhaps desperately) want or need or seek to achieve.

In those moments, which I think of as the “deer in the headlight” syndrome ;-) it may feel impossible to Focus your beautiful mind on a goal that seems beyond reach.  That can feel more painful than “checking out” and looking away, perhaps in despair of ever attaining what you treasure.  Instead of checking out – and rather than forcing yourself to stare into something painfully out of reach (in the moment) – there is an alternative.  Let It Be.  Don’t give up on your dream, but step back from it just a bit.  Allow me to explain …

I always look for fresh ways to deepen my understanding and everyday implementation of Faith – which to me is living in the Divine Flow of the constant, unfailing, and infinite presence of Source Energy – to the very best of my ability, in every moment and every situation.  One of my favorite ways to measure if I am in the Divine Flow of Faith is this well-loved and sage teaching (from the Bible – Book of Acts, Ch. 17), which I have personally expanded to help me feel it more deeply and resonate it more fully:

  • “In God – Source Energy, Divine Presence, Infinite Intelligence – I live and move and have my Being.”

I just love that way of imaging Source Energy circulating all around me and flowing through me and expressing outwardly as “me” … constantly and effortlessly, as I am moving through my day, and living my life, and going about my work out in the world.

I discovered another understanding of Faith recently that I invite you to consider for yourself …

  • What would it feel like if you set the intention to cultivate JOYOUS ANTICIPATION as a way of living … as a new practice for Being in a faith-filled state of mind?

Here’s what I mean by “Joyous Anticipation.”  We’ve all heard the idea that the true meaning and joy in life is in the journey rather than the destination, right?  In other words, we want to ensure that we savor each step along the way as we strive to achieve the bigger goal.  Otherwise, we will find a rather hollow victory.  Now, you might be like me ;-) who used to hear that and think “Whatever … blah, blah, blah … I just want to get there.” You know what I mean, don’t you?  That feeling of “I want to make the money to have the relief of paying the bills on time, or get the new relationship to enjoy that delicious feeling of love again …” or whatever other goal I was trying to attain, along with the subsequent feeling experience.  Are you with me?

  • I finally began to achieve a consistent state of mind which transformed me from the “chasing after the goal frenzy” into a deepening of the “delicious Divine Flow feeling.”

Here’s the idea I finally grasped fully enough to truly implement in my day-to-day life – not perfectly, but consistently, which is “perfect enough” to get real results:  I began to understand that the true Joy of Life, and every goal or desire we strive to achieve, is the “continual unfolding” of events, feelings, expanded realization, and fresh empowerment … rather than merely the achievement of those wonderfully exciting and important goals we seek.  I still enjoy the celebration of victory with every manifestation – big or small in the world’s eyes – but now, I put so much more of my Energy and Focus on this sensation:

  • Feeling into … Focusing peacefully upon … and Flowing calm, stable Energy, toward what I want to achieve.  It’s important to note that the Flowing of Energy is first an Inner Practice, and then an Outer Practice of taking inspired action.

I invite you to explore my Formula for Divine Flow:


The best way I know to provide a clear image of how that would look for YOU to do, is to ask that you imagine you are sculpting clay.  You first go within to get in touch with your creative inspiration, or perhaps the inspiration just comes over you from within.  Then, you begin the process of seeing it in your mind as a not-yet-molded piece of art as you extend the Power of Focus onto the result you seek to create.  Finally comes the action of molding the clay – by flowing that clarity of Focus and Energy, the clay becomes your inspired vision.

Abraham teaches the value of “emotional alignment” beautifully in the video I am sharing with you today.  As you view the video, I hope it will really bring this process to life for you – it certainly did for me. 

I think the most important message Abraham taught in that video is this:

  • “If you let the journey be your goal, then you’re having instant success … and the manifestation is certain. But, if the manifestation or the destination is your goal, and you’re not there, now you’re introducing resistance which will hold it off … until you stop doing that.”

I believe that with all my Being – and I use this process myself.  I’ve seen it help many people in my life, too – my clients, friends, and many other people through services I’ve offered.  The only problem with that concept is …

  • What if you don’t understand how to let go of the sense of urgency about a goal you are trying to achieve?
  • What if your need to get some money flowing, or soothe the pain of loneliness after a failed relationship, or stop the cycle of confusion and frustration about weight loss or health concerns is totally consuming your focus and you just can’t “savor the journey” right now?
  • What if you are pulling yourself out of a disastrous setback in life that feels so daunting, you don’t even know where to begin?

I get it – trust me – I truly understand how challenging that can be.

==>So, let me ask you a really important question – one that could change your life in about 20 minutes – sincerely!

  • Imagine, how your life would improve – overnight – if there was someone who would take you by the hand and walk you – step by step – through a simple, but powerfully effective process to gain clarity about what is most important for you to do next to achieve what feels most essential to you right now?
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I want to help!  I would like to offer you a FREE Laser-Focus Breakthrough Session with me – privately, one-on-one – where we focus on your most fervent desire and most meaningful goal.  I know with absolute confidence that we can achieve CLARITY for you to better visualize your goal, CERTAINTY that you are worthy and deserving of whatever it is that you desire, and improved CONFIDENCE in yourself to train your beautiful mind to harness the Power of Focus, which is your greatest asset to achieve your goal.  I am here to champion you!

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Thank you for being a valued subscriber – and a JOYOUS WELCOME to all new subscribers!  Until next time …

Live nJOY!


Your Spiritual Mentor & Visualizing Coach

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P.P.S. I invite you to leave a comment letting me know about any future topics you’d like me to address … which will also spur me to be aware of new goodies I can create especially for you as my way to offer support on YOUR unique spiritual journey. Blessings & Joy!

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