Emotional GPS: How Emotions Guide Your Life

Imagine for a moment, that your emotions offer guidance for every journey you must take to achieve any and every desired goal in your life.

Be glad that you don’t have instant manifestation. This buffer of time is really your friend. It’s your opportunity to observe and to ponder and to visualize, and to remember. It’s your opportunity to take an Emotional Journey that might be different from what you’re actually observing.

— Abraham

Think about the process you follow when you step into your car to drive somewhere.  It’s bound to be one of three things:

  • You already know the route to your destination, so you follow a virtual map in your mind.
  • You are going somewhere new, and you either follow a print map or printed directions you’ve made for yourself.
  • You are going somewhere new, and you use electronic GPS which means you program Point A (where you are now) and Point B (your destination).

Now … imagine for a moment, that your emotions offer this same guidance for every journey you must take to achieve any and every desired goal in your life. New idea?  Hang with me here for a minute and keep an open mind ;-)

Take yourself back to a recent situation where you found yourself feeling some kind of negative emotion.  Perhaps you were angry or frustrated, anxious or worried, or feeling disappointed or sad.  Naturally, you don’t consciously intend to remain in that distressing negative emotion for longer than you have to, right?  Isn’t the truth for you – as it is for me –  you would love to learn how to move quickly out of the emotion that feels bad and into an emotion that feels good? Of course!  We all want to be happy as much as possible.

What if … the key to what we all want – moving quickly and easily out of negative emotion and into positive, good feeling emotions – lies in the awareness of how to harness the power of emotions as your inner GPS?

Here’s how that would look … as you follow along these seven steps, I invite you to actually try it out with me.  Let’s take it for a test run.

Step 1: Something happens outside of you and it triggers within you a negative emotion.

Step 2: You feel the negative emotion, but instead of trying to repress it or pretend it isn’t happening ;-) you actually stop and breathe and allow it to be.  Accept it … temporarily.

Step 3: You turn within to your inner GPS and program Point A as your current emotional state.

Step 4: You then program into your inner GPS the desired emotion – your destination or Point B.

Step 5: You surrender to the feeling and allow yourself to stop focusing on the outside event as well as the inside emotional turmoil that was triggered.  Just BE for a few seconds – as little as 17 seconds.

Step 6: You whip out the worksheet that you received from me in Your 10 Minute Toolkit to Feel Better Fast … choose an emotional state that is one or two steps above your current Point A, and allow that feeling to become your current focus for the next 17 seconds.

Step 7: You continue on up the emotional scale as described for you in the worksheet, selecting the next higher emotional state you desire and focusing on it for 17 seconds.  Keep going until you are feeling whatever level of positive emotion you choose from the scale … you have now arrived at your destination – Point B – you are feeling positive and life is good for you once again!

As great as it is to feel better and no longer be feeling angry or sad, there is another reason why this inner GPS is so important. You cannot achieve positive results when you are in a negative state of emotion and therefore a negative state of mind.  Negative focus creates negative results.  To get positive results, you must first shift into a positive mindset.  It’s that simple.

So, you may be asking, how does this play out in real time … in real life situations? Great question!  The best way to answer that is to share with you a real-time real-life experience with a client.  Recently, I took a client through this exact 7-step process as we worked one-on-one during a VIP Day (Virtual In-depth Power-focus Day).  This was a client needing support to manage a challenging relationship with a family member living with her.  She shared the situation with me in detail, and the bottom line was this:  She was struggling to resolve a recurring painful problem resulting from her adult daughter repeating behaviors that caused my client to experience health problems – immediate discomfort that happened as a result of discourteous in-her-face behavior that continued in spite of my client’s constant requests that her daughter be more respectful.  Before I addressed possible solutions for my client, I knew we needed to “raise her vibration” by taking her up the vibrational scale as far as she could comfortably move in our session together.  Remember what Einstein taught us … You cannot resolve a problem at the same level of consciousness as the problem. You must first raise your consciousness to that of the solution. Here’s what happened …

As we worked together, I helped my client get into a relaxed and open state of mind where she could allow possibilities that she didn’t yet perceive.  Then, we began at Point A (her current emotions about this situation) and I guided her up the emotional scale as she breathed and let go the tangled-mind-feeling of trying so hard to figure out a solution.  As we moved her into higher and higher better feeling emotions, as I created possible scenarios which allowed her to let go the angst and worry, she began moving forward with gentle momentum. We achieved her Point B when she gained unexpected insight into the Truth underlying her angst.  The root of her upsetting emotions wasn’t that her daughter was behaving in a disrespectful manner – although that was certainly a reality on the surface.  The deepest pain derived from her (perceived) sense of failure that she had not raised her daughter to be more considerate, and that caused her to feel sad because she put so much loving care and wisdom into being the best parent she could possibly be.  She had set aside some very important personal goals throughout her life to ensure she was being the most attentive and empowering mother she could possibly be for this child whom she cherished.  Because she is a person who values consideration and loving kindness very highly, it wounded her heart that her daughter might not choose to be a person who also values those qualities of life.  Aha! We found the real issue to help her find lasting relief.

Now that we had the root cause, we went to work with solutions to resolve this matter. Not solutions to change her daughter – we began from a space of allowing and acceptance that her daughter is in charge of her own choices.  Instead, we worked on the basic foundation of creating your own life:  You must first achieve the vibration within you that you seek to have surrounding you in your energy field – then by Law of Attraction, all people and situations will align to that vibration. When she had her fear out in the open, no longer buried beneath the confusion from emotional turmoil, she realized many instances of her daughter being a deeply loving and enormously considerate person.  She could accept this current behavior as a temporary situation resulting from stress in her daughter’s life.  Most importantly – she had several vibrational tools and processes to begin applying for immediate improvement.  All from this core belief:  When her vibration becomes clear and strong, nobody will behave in opposition to it.  She made the shift from needing another person to change so she could feel happy, to becoming empowered with her own ability to create her happiness.  Yes!!!

Never mind what-is. Imagine it the way you want it to be so that your vibration is a match to your desire. When your vibration is a match to your desire, all things in your experience will gravitate to meet that match every time.

— Abraham

I encourage you to use the free gift I offer to subscribers – Your 10 Minute Toolkit to Feel Better Fast – consistently every day, so that you begin to resonate a positive vibration more often than any negative emotion.  This is not about living in a state of nirvana, a state of non-fluctuating bliss.  I don’t believe that is possible, and I don’t even think it’s advisable.  Seriously!  Our negative emotions tell us very important messages – something we are doing or thinking or feeling is creating situations in our energy field that we don’t want.  Why would you ever want to disregard that message?  Well, I already know the answer to that … we only do that when we assign a negative (and by the way, very inaccurate which means completely wrong!) meaning to the negative emotions.  When the negative emotion triggers a long held belief that says “If you don’t feel perfectly happy all the time, you are ______” – fill in the blank … something that tells you – incorrectly- that you are bad in some way.  Not spiritual, not good enough, not loving enough, or in some way or another … not worthy of something you really desire.  It all boils down to that.  So, very soon, I will address the false belief of not being worthy in a future blog post.  For now, I will just say this … It has nothing to do with the negative emotion you are experiencing – or even the upsetting event.  In order to take charge of your own happiness, YOU have to decide that YOU get to choose what you believe.

I encourage you with all my heart to embrace this valuable gift … emotions are powerful messengers to help you achieve a life of happiness and success.  I invite you to begin today to HARNESS THE POWER OF YOUR EMOTIONS.  Learn to navigate your inner GPS and you will move forward into the reality of your desires so much faster and with much more ease and Joy than you might ever imagine!

I have a great video for you from LOAVortexGrid – one of my favorite Abe Fans on YouTube.  This is a wonderful Abraham Rampage that will take you through the emotional journey that I outlined in the 7 steps. (Deep Joyful thanks to Esther & Jerry Hicks and to our Abraham Friends for their wisdom shared in this video clip) Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!  Until next time …

Live nJoy!


P.S.  If you don’t already have my free gift – Your 10 Minute Toolkit to Feel Better Fast – you can download it instantly from this page. Just look over to the right hand column to get the free gift.  There’s a short video about it, or go up to the top and use that sign-up form to have it sent to your email address right away.  Blessings & Joy ;-)

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