Slim & Sexy is Easy-Breezy the VIZ Way ;-)

What If … Loving Yourself & Feeling Sensual is the Magic of Weight Loss?  Find out how you can Have Your Cake, Eat it Too ... and be Slim & Sexy the VIZ Way!

Is it possible to be Slim and Sexy … Easy-Breezy? Instead of the horrible diets and strenuous no-fun workouts you’ve been putting yourself through?

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I want to introduce you to an entirely fresh way to approach weight loss today!  Keep reading for this innovative insight that will change how you go about achieving your ideal weight from this moment on … and to read my 3 Best Tips +plus an visualizing exercise you can do daily in under 5 minutes+ to take the stress out of your summer weight loss goal.

  • Let’s try something TOTALLY NEW for you … want to try the VIZ Way?
  • Wouldn’t it be fun to Eat Your Cake & Enjoy It Too while Inches Slide Off and Pounds Fall Away?
  • What If … Loving Yourself & Feeling Sensual is the Magic of Weight Loss?

In the next few minutes, if you will listen to the wisdom in the video below, take a quick peek at my 3 Best Tips, and then embrace the daily 5-min visualizing exercise I walk you through at the end … you will have the complete “skinny” on how to smoothly shed the unwanted pounds and inches … and it’s much easier than you might expect.

So the big question is, “Well, do I just dump all those unwanted things and try to start fresh?” And we say, no. You just set the Tone, where you are, by looking for things to appreciate. And by setting your Tone in a very clear deliberate way, anything that doesn’t match it gravitates out of your experience, and anything that does match it gravitates into your experience. It is so much simpler than most of you are allowing yourself to believe.


But first … before I offer my 3 Tips and walk you through the visualizing exercise that is so amazingly effective to get those extra pounds and inches off your beautiful body … please begin by watching this important message from our sponsor – our Abraham friends.  (Just kidding! Not a sponsor, but most definitely a cherished Teacher.)

VIDEO:  Food and the Abrahamsters  ;-)

Three Tips to Help You Lose Weight Easy-Breezy

PLUS a Visualizing Exercise to Feel Better Fast

So those Inches Slide Off and the Pounds Fall Away!

Tip #1 – My first suggestion is that you consider this possibility.  Begin to see the extra weight as a precious gift from The Universe, lovingly presented to you with a lovely sparkling bow wrapped around it as it is set into your open palms.  Okay, so you may be wondering … is this lady for real??? Yes, I am!  I have been in your shoes and I promise this is one of the keys to losing weight and keeping it off.  Here’s why. Because even just a few extra pounds or anything you have been criticizing about your body “gently forces” you to love yourself unconditionally.  Think about it …if you looked like some model in a magazine, you could easily just love yourself on the surface, right?  This way, by learning to love yourself while you are not measuring up to some external standard of physical perfection, you will learn to love your “true” beauty – both your inner beauty as well as the unique physical person you present to the world.  That is an empowering way to live!

Tip #2 – Stop focusing on “losing weight” and focus instead on simply “feeling good” in your body.  Now, this may vary for you day by day.  For instance, it could mean feeling vibrant, feeling more comfort (emotionally or physically), or feeling more lightness and ease of movement.  As part of this, focus on just one thing you truly appreciate about your body every single day.  Please, don’t go to the extreme of standing before a mirror and trying to force yourself to immediately feel loving about your entire body naked, if that doesn’t feel good.  Honestly, most people just can’t start off with that level of self-acceptance.  No problem, though.  Just take a baby step each day and choose one thing to admire about yourself physically every morning.  Then, remind yourself of that one thing throughout the day anytime you catch yourself self-criticizing or struggling with a sense of disappointment about your progress to improve your fitness.  Be gentle with yourself, like you would a small child learning to walk. Nurture yourself toward more self-acceptance, one day at a time. Like a child, first we crawl … then we stand up wobbly … then we walk upright with a big grin on our face ;-)   Soon, we are running with great joy! That will be YOU – sooner than you might think.

Tip #3 – Enjoy your food, rather than seeing what you eat as something that must be controlled in a limited way.  This is very important because food is part of nurturing yourself.  The best way to do this is to savor every bite you eat.  Focus on the pleasing tastes and smells of the food you are eating in the moment, rather than the feeling of limitation that you are choosing not to eat something you might be craving.  Same for exercise as you begin a new walking regimen or workout routine.  Focus on the joy of movement and follow your inner guidance to do something you personally like to do, rather than holding to some discipline of strain or sacrifice by requiring yourself to do activities you don’t enjoy.  For example, choose to dance to your favorite CD rather than some boring workout at the gym.  Or enjoy a walk in nature with your dog where you really soak in the beauty surrounding you, rather than the drudgery of a treadmill indoors.

EXERCISE: To free yourself from the torment of counting calories and the daily disappointment of weighing on that scale … switch to a new fresh approach!  Measure by inches or clothing size, instead of pounds or calories.  Try this exercise from my eBook, Everyday Magic & Miracles.  (It’s also included in my Audio/Video Course – Visualize 123).  Begin visualizing yourself as you want to FEEL when you’ve shed the first 5 or 10 pounds.  Don’t worry – you can work up to a higher weight-loss goal very soon … just don’t start with a high goal until you get good at visualizing.  Once you can hold a positive vibration doing this exercise for 68 seconds with positive, uninterrupted focus … then you will be ready to increase your weight loss goal, one baby-step at a time.

Here’s how to begin: Take about 2 minutes to raise your vibration or get yourself into the Vortex.  What works best for you?  A few minutes petting your cat or hugging on your dog?  Or perhaps a little time getting peaceful and serene in nature or near water?  Or listening to a favorite song – maybe even dancing to it?    (You are welcome to use my Getting Into the Vortex video at my YouTube Channel if you like – CLICK HERE.)

Next – Once your vibe is in a high, positive state … see yourself slipping into your favorite pair of jeans or a new dress.  Feel how easy it is to step into the jeans or the dress.  Feel the delicious new feeling of extra room in the waist as you zip up!  Now, move around … do a little dance move, or walk across the room (in your mind) and continue to enjoy the freedom of movement from how it fits looser than you imagined it would.  Isn’t that a great feeling?!!  Keep that feeling for at least 68 seconds … that’s 1 minute and 8 seconds … if you can go 2 or 3 minutes, even better!

As you open your eyes, touch your heart or your throat or your forehead.  Remember the feeling, and whenever you want to remember it again … touch that area of your body to help you “pull up” the emotional memory.  Repeat this exercise at least once every day for a minimum of 10 days.  (30 days is ideal)

One last idea that I just have to share with you, and I ask you to really open your mind and heart to embrace this one fully.  Please don’t measure your worthiness by your weight!  Look at someone like Oprah – she is a beautiful, brilliant, successful woman who has changed the world in more ways than can ever be measured.  What if she had let her struggles to manage her weight prevent her from being a public figure and giving Life her best efforts? She had the courage to learn to love herself through the weight challenges – which were heartbreaking for her at times.  What a gift for the world that she didn’t hide her Light … that she stepped out boldly to Shine her Light and her Truth.  You can bless many people in your world of influence, too, when you KNOW this Truth: 

Your weight does not determine your beauty, your brilliance, or your worthiness.  I promise!

MY VISION:  I am dedicated to champion YOU to Know Your Worthiness …

For only then will you be empowered to Shine Your Light and Your Truth

… and that is how you Set Yourself Free to Live nJOY!

Renée Brown

Your Spiritual Mentor and Visualizing Coach

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Here’s what I do as a Visualizing Coach & Spiritual Mentor …

I work with people who are struggling to achieve an important goal, and people who are looking for an innovative way to achieve results faster and easier.  And I help them master their power of focus using a combination of science and spirituality to gain clarity and confidence, so that they now can begin to take action from that stronger sense of empowerment with a more inspired approach.

My vision for each client is this: When a person aligns with their core sense of worthiness, it unlocks their potential in a powerful way that truly sets them free!  That’s when they will take flight & soar!

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Renée Brown is a Spiritual Mentor & Visualizing Coach who offers simple, effective ways to blend the purity of spiritual concepts with the passion of delicious worldly experiences. As a lifetime student of metaphysics, Renée has a special talent for designing Law of Attraction focus groups and tools that provide laser-like clarity, empowering you to implement concepts immediately with fast, effective results. Renée has served as Chaplain, Youth Director and Teacher for many years in the Unity church. She has facilitated training and Master Mind groups, both spiritually focused and in business. She has a strong background in sales, project management, and business management. Renée also has served as mentor to children in the public school system.

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