How to Relieve Money Stress using Power of Focus

You can't instantly create a pile of money in your lap ... but you can create emotional relief, free up your ability to think clearly and take inspired action with more conviction ... which yields results sooner to bring money faster.

“Many believe that hard work and struggle are not only a requirement to achieve success, but that working hard and struggling long is a more honorable way of living life. Those hard times of struggle certainly do help you in the defining of what you desire, but until you release the feeling of struggle, what you desire cannot come into your experience.

Often people feel as if they need to prove their worthiness, and that once that is accomplished, then and only then will rewards be given – but we want you to know that you are already worthy, and that proving yourselves worthy is not only not possible, but unnecessary. What IS necessary for you to receive the rewards or benefits that you seek is alignment with the essence of those benefits. You have to first bring yourself into vibrational alignment with the experiences you wish to live.”

~Abraham (
from “Money and the Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks

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My intention for communicating with you more often is to serve YOU – by offering ideas that empower you and enrich your life in these areas:
• MONEY – Resolve stress about money and enhance career satisfaction
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• RELATIONSHIPS – Happier relationships, new love, or managing divorce

Today, I want to address the first area … MONEY! The economy is impacting a lot of people financially, so I am doing my part to help out. I am working with clients to provide innovative ways and empowering strategies for them to shift out of their current setback. Believe me – I’ve experienced it too, so I really understand how money stress can cause a terrible hardship and feel horribly overwhelming. I want to help.

Here’s something you can do RIGHT NOW to see an immediate shift.

To begin, it’s important to understand how the brain reacts to stress. Our brain literally freezes up when we go into “fight or flight” level of fear and anxiety. It’s scientific – the brain is programmed in this way from prehistoric times to ensure our survival. So, when we reach a certain level of panic, the brain literally thinks we are in physical danger – like running from a saber-tooth tiger. It stops the more intelligent, higher brain functions to reserve all our abilities to enhance the lower level brain that operates our bodily functions – so we can run faster and be stronger. That’s why people have so much adrenalin to aid physical achievements … but the adrenalin for physical survival doesn’t help us think through complex problems like financial issues.

Now, you can’t instantly create a pile of money in your lap. But what you can do – in just a few seconds – is create the emotional relief that frees up your ability to think more clearly and take inspired action with more conviction … which will yield results sooner to bring more money faster.

Try this idea ;-) WATCH THIS 10-MINUTE VIDEO: 17 Seconds to More Money

As the video revealed, every problem brings us to a “fork in the road.” Each problem holds the seed to an opportunity … IF (and this is a big IF) … IF we shift our focus to see it. When we are able to use our magnificent mind at full capacity, then we can begin to focus on the solution … rather than staring mentally and emotionally paralyzed like a deer in headlights at the problem we are facing. This is how Einstein told us he solved problems. Since he is one of the greatest minds the world has ever seen, it’s worth trying it his way – don’t you agree?

I can help. Your 10 Minute Toolkit to Feel Better Fast is designed to get you moving emotionally. As you begin to feel some emotional relief, your brain will begin working better for you! You already have this Toolkit as a gift from me when you first subscribed, or you can download the newest version here – at my blog – in the column to your right, where you see the BIG RED ARROW ;-)

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Live nJOY,

Renée Brown
Your Visualizing Coach and Spiritual Mentor
Creator of Visualize 123 – Harness the Power of Focus

P.S. One final thought … please remember that every segment of 17 seconds of FOCUS with your magnificent mind begins to create a matching experience in your life. If you need help with that, please begin with the no-cost Feel Better Fast Toolkit. In the upper right corner – here on my blog – I also have a new toolkit if you are ready for a more advanced way to keep your focus on the solution you desire: Toolkit for Living in Your Vortex NOW!

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