Triple Crown of Joyful Achieving

Do you feel passion for an exciting dream?  It will happen when you develop LASER FOCUS MASTERY.

Thank you for joining me in this series about how to RUN YOUR OWN RACE. I highly recommend the movie Disney recently produced about Secretariat, the greatest race horse in history, and his magnificent owner, Penny Chenery.

I am so grateful for the legacy of Penny Chenery and Secretariat. I hope you have caught some of that glorious spirit, too ;-)


1st Jewel: Choose carefully your running partners … the people you allow to be in your life and share your dream.
• 2nd Jewel: Stop trying to be perfect, just be yourself. Know you are worthy to achieve your heart’s passion.
• 3rd Jewel: Trust yourself and know who you are. Learn to align with your Source and you will delight in the power of Laser Focus Mastery.

I chose the story of Secretariat and his owner, Ms. Penny, as the ideal lesson for how to Run Your Own Race for a couple of reasons.

First, Secretariat is the epitome of running your own race, in that he came from behind in every race … until the final race of the Triple Crown. He chose to run differently that day, but his jockey and trainer did not cause that change – it was the horse who changed his running style to achieve his goal that day.

Next, Secretariat ran to defeat the others initially. But on that magical day when he kept going to an expanse of 31 lengths past all the other horses, it became clear that he was no longer running to defeat his competitors. He was running for the GLORY of BEING WHO HE WAS BORN TO BE! He was running for the pure joy of fulfilling his destiny as the greatest race horse that has ever lived.

Finally, I chose this story because of the audacious spirit of Penny Chenery throughout the three years she stayed dedicated to her goal, and led her team to victory beyond their wildest expectations! I think it’s best summed up by these defiant words, spoken by Penny to her brother in protest of his limited view of their father’s legacy to them as merely the dollar value of his estate:

“My father’s legacy isn’t about money. It’s about the WILL TO WIN when you can, and the COURAGE to live with it when you can’t.”

She went on to explain to both her brother and her husband why she had to see this through. Knowing with absolute conviction that her young colt had the potential to break records, she could not walk away until she saw her dream through. There had not been a Triple Crown champion for 25 years at that time – today, it’s been 37 years. To many, it seemed she was attempting the impossible and they treated her as a foolish “housewife” whose pipe dreams were built on nonsense.

Whether Penny and Secretariat would be able to change that had yet to be determined, and she knew there were many challenges before them. She was not the naïve little lady some believed her to be. She was a woman of vision and courage, so much so that most people simply could not relate to her. She did not proceed because the path before her presented a clear and obvious victory. She moved ahead with conviction because she could not bear to live without trying, and she refused to steal that opportunity from her courageous horse who she believed with certainty was born to be a champion like none before him.

What stops you from moving forward with all your heart?
Who talks you out of attempting great achievements because they can’t relate to you?
What dreams are you trying to live without even though it wounds your heart to let go of them?

I hope you realize now that it is killing your spirit and robbing you of your greatest joy in life – the joy of becoming your truest Self. Not the perfect ideal of a physical being – that’s not what I mean at all. I am not one of those motivational gurus that push you to ramp up your desire to extremes, and then beat yourself up when you can’t perform at a level of perfection that is beyond human capacity. Not all of us are striving to break records in the world’s eyes. Some of us will do that, and I applaud you. Others of us will break through an inner barrier for tremendous personal joy at a level of achievement that is most meaningful to us, but perhaps not record-breaking to the world. Most people fall in that second category, and if that is YOU – then you are who I am speaking to here in this series.

I don’t believe there is only one dream you were born to achieve. Certainly, there may be one that is more compelling for you than any others. But I do believe this: If you don’t go for your dreams, you cannot be happy and fulfilled. It will be better to give it your all and lose the race, than to never even break through the starting gate. I know that feeling, and I am here to help you break through that same barrier and run the race as only YOU can do. Not to prove anything, not to break records that other’s push you toward. Only for you – only for the joy you will experience, the exhilaration of becoming the purest, truest, most aligned, joyful and empowered YOU.

In my experience as a Visualizing Coach, and my own personal journey, I find that the greatest deterrence to pursuing your dream is nearly always caused by one of two things.

1. You focus more on what you fear instead of keeping laser focus on what you desire. This keeps you paralyzed with that deer-in-headlights feeling. The result of this error in where you place your focus is that you may never even begin the journey.

2. You desire something and your passion is very strong, but you have equal or greater fear that you are not capable of achieving (or are not worthy of having) what you desire. This fluctuating emotional state robs you of your power. It causes your focus to be divided and your energy to be split, which results in an ineffective state of mind, as if you are running-in-circles without making bold strides forward.

The solution to each of these debilitating mistakes is simple – but not always easy. To develop Laser Focus Mastery, you will sometimes need to wear blinders. That’s where a Visualizing Coach can help.

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Here’s a fabulous video by Giselle Frederich with The Teachings of Abraham that brilliantly and lovingly guides you out of that stuck place where you feel the tension of wanting something really, really badly … but also the terrible pain of not having complete confidence that you can achieve it, or that you are worthy of Source providing you the resources to achieve it. I know that pain, and it’s horrible, isn’t it? When you catch yourself in that frantic loop, the way to step off the merry-go-round is so much easier than you might imagine … Just Find Relief.

As we continue to watch the Triple Crown events unfold this season – and study the Three Jewels of Joyful Achieving as demonstrated by Ms. Penny & Secretariat – let’s take a strong hold of our own reins so we can run full speed toward our heart’s desires. Stop comparing yourself to others, and wear blinders if you must. Get in touch with your courage, keep your focus on your dream, and run your own race … with all your heart and soul. That’s what I will be doing ;-) and I would love to hear from you to share in your adventures, as well.

I hope you will always remember the sterling example of the dauntless Secretariat and the beautiful spirit of his brave, bold owner, Penny Chenery:

When something sparks a flame within you, don’t let it die out because others don’t understand your passion. Don’t worry if nobody else gets it. Don’t think you have do things in ways they approve of or limit yourself to what is “proven” to be the best methods. Do it your way. Believe in yourself and your dream. Pour all the love you can muster in that direction, and enjoy the ride!

Life is delicious – Live N Joy!

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