The 3rd Jewel to Run Your Own Race

Trust yourself, and know who you are.  Tune yourself to what YOU want.  Believe in your dream!

This is a continuation of the posts from my series about how to RUN YOUR OWN RACE where I examine the three jewels of wisdom we can glean from the phenomenal accomplishments of the greatest champion horse racing has ever seen, Secretariat, and his visionary owner, Penny Chenery.

And now, we take a look at the 3rd Jewel in the Crown of Joyful Achieving: Trust yourself and know who you are.

Third, and most important, Penny Chenery trusted herself and her instincts above all else. No matter how many times financiers, industry experts, the media, and even her own family tried to tell her she was “just a housewife” she would not allow them to determine who she was. She knew her capabilities, although in the end, she surpassed even that! She stayed true to her heart, and the heart and soul she knew to be true of her superb racehorse. She listened at the level of heart and soul, while also taking action with both feet on the ground. The result? A blazing record that has yet to be matched in 38 years … not even close!

Yes, the farm was nearly bankrupt with a dark cloud of millions due toward inheritance taxes. Yes, she gambled on a coin toss with the wealthiest man in the country at that time, knowing he would choose the obvious best colt but believing her instinct that the one overlooked was the true prize. She and her trainer did the unthinkable … while everyone else rested their horses to prepare for the final race, which is know to be the most challenging, they did just the opposite. They knew their horse loved to run, so they ran him harder than he had ever run. Nobody expected him to go the distance, believing him to be bred for speed … which usually means the horse cannot handle the longest race of the Third Crown. But she knew better, she knew her father bred the speed horse to the endurance horse. She knew great colts are born from great mares. She trusted her instincts amid ridicule and pressure to do things the way it was done by the Big Boys of the horse world. They expected her to follow their lead, but she taught them that she was the emerging leader.

See what happens when you leverage your inner power, that part of you that is beyond human abilities, what I call Source Energy … the Power that Creates Worlds? This is what I call the Zen of life, the deep inner knowing that can’t be explained, just experienced as a feeling and trusted as you allow it to unfold in ways you can’t pretend to anticipate. And yet, within its Zen peacefulness lies a depth of power that is breathtaking!

If every remnant of success was gone from you — still you stand as the culmination of all that you’ve learned. And we don’t mean learned in the sense that now you know how to do it again. We mean you have been the creation that has been in the process of being created, and here you stand as this clearer, more focused wanter and allower than you’ve ever been before. Which means, you can take your next breath of desire and step into your next place of allowing, and all that you ever had, and ten times more, can be in your experience immediately — when you accept that you are the asker and the receiver, and the letter-in of all of that.

— Abraham (

It is reported that on the night before the final race at Belmont, the third jewel of the Triple Crown and the most challenging of the three races, Penny went to the barn alone and spoke to Secretariat, telling him something like this: You go out there tomorrow and run your race, and it won’t matter what the result is, because I’ve already won. Now it’s your turn. We got here, we did it our way, and I know you’re capable of winning. So you just have fun tomorrow and go run YOUR race.

And did he ever! Secretariat won that third and final race to be crowned Champion in a style that left people literally with the jaws dropped! he won by an unbelievable 31 lengths – that’s right, it’s not a mistake. He won by 31 lengths! Incredible, isn’t it? And yet, there is potential in every journey to achieve the impossible. That’s what miracles are: Something that is inexplicable by normal standards and routine expectations.

What impossible dream is burning inside you? What are letting stop you? Who are you trusting more than you trust yourself and your Divine Guidance?

I love these affirmations from one of my favorite metaphysical teachers, and certainly a Pioneer Woman – Catherine Ponder.

Nothing is too good to be true.

Nothing is too wonderful to happen.

Nothing is too good to last.

~Catherine Ponder, Dare to Receive

Tune yourself to what YOU want. Maintain your PURE FOCUS on the prize you are after, and run full speed with your heart wide open. Trusting that inner guidance I call Source, and embracing where it takes you, will yield results others tell you is impossible. Believe in the impossible. That’s how everyday magic and miracles will begin to happen in your life.

Here’s a beautiful video by the very talented Giselle Frederich, with words from the teachings of Abraham (thanks to Esther & Jerry Hicks) titled, King of the World!

There is one final post that will follow tomorrow as we wrap up my series about The Triple Crown of Joyful Achieving.

Once again, I encourage you to take a lesson from the sterling example of the dauntless Secretariat and his courageous owner, Penny. When something sparks a flame within you, don’t drown it out because others don’t understand your passion. Don’t worry if nobody else gets it. Don’t think you have do things in ways they approve of or limit yourself to what is “proven” to be the best methods. Do it your way. Believe in yourself and your dream. Pour all the love you can muster in that direction, and enjoy the ride!

Life is delicious – Live N Joy!

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