The 2nd Jewel to Run Your Own Race

Stop trying to be perfect, just be yourself.  Trust in your worthiness to achieve your dreams.

This is a continuation of the last two posts from my series about how to RUN YOUR OWN RACE where I examine the three jewels of wisdom we can glean from the phenomenal accomplishments of the greatest champion horse racing has ever seen, Secretariat, and his visionary owner, Penny Chenery.

Today, let’s take a look at the 2nd Jewel in the Crown of Joyful Achieving: Stop trying to be perfect, just be yourself.

As a visionary leader of her remarkable team on the road to a legendary prize, Penny Chenery felt and expressed the full range of her emotions – the good and the bad. She didn’t try to be the perfect anything. She was her true self, exhibiting mistakes and brilliance alike — for all the world to see – and admire or criticize. This venture was achieving world acclaim in its unfolding, and – just like they were watching Secretariat - the entire world was watching her every move. Celebrating their progress, and sharing in the frustration of their shortcomings … or, in the case of some of their competitors, rubbing their faces in it. This previously timid woman had to become the media spokesperson for her magnificent horse, her dedicated team, and herself. She was stepping out in front of the herd, being a leader in ways those who were close to her had never seen before. It ruffled their feathers. And, she was stepping out as a woman in a male dominated industry (at that time in history).

Can you imagine the fluctuation of emotions she was experiencing? As a mother, there were times she missed important events in the lives of her children which made her terribly sad. As a woman, she was frustrated by the constant belittling the industry openly displayed toward her. As a wife, she was disheartened by the lack of understanding from her husband, who believed she was incapable of running the horse farm. He had no idea of the natural instincts which had lain dormant in her during their many years of marriage. She had a cunning sense of horsemanship and a business acumen her own brother could not accept. But most of all … she was fearless, and that made her emotionally stronger than most of the people in her life.

Are you facing a major life challenge? In this economy, many people are. You are not alone. I hear from so many people about financial setbacks which are unnerving, and the emotional pain and physical stress that accompany such stress is daunting for any of us. To move mountains such as these requires unwavering faith and vision. It requires strength of character. It requires you to be stronger and more alive than you’ve ever been. It is time to reveal the deeper, wiser, stronger Self that you are, but may never have shown to others.

As a woman, I understand holding back. I learned early in life that being emotionally stronger than a male partner sends him running. Being intellectually superior to a man will send him packing even faster! But I was blessed to be raised by women of great courage and strength, with a grandfather who encouraged that in my mother and in me, and a stepfather who forewarned me … and made me promise never to “dumb down” to accommodate a man needing to feel superior to a woman. (Of course, this game is played by both sexes – not only men, but women too.) It can be so painful and confusing when others try to intimidate you to hold you back from being magnificent.

I think Ariane de Bonvoisin explains it beautifully in her book, The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier. Ariane uses the word “shame” to describe the emotional flux that can happen when we step out with audacity toward a big dream or a better life. But I suggest you might replace that word with another word, and consider the painful range of emotions during pivotal moments in Life to be self-doubt.

Shame [self-doubt] is often present when you do something that is not easily accepted by society and your tribe. The people who surround you often have many ideas of how your life is supposed to unfold and are usually not hesitant to express them to you. This is an absurd amount of pressure and weight for you to carry on your shoulders. Living up to people’s expectations is an incredibly heavy burden that none of us need to bear.

When a change happens or you find the courage to change something, shame [self-doubt] tends to show up. This requires taking yet another stand and finding even more courage to face people’s perception of your actions. We are all ashamed of [experience self-doubt about] things that did or didn’t happen to us. You may have been diagnosed with cancer, discovered that your child is an addict, or been fired. Perhaps you’re in debt, don’t own your own home, didn’t go to college, or have been trying to lose weight for years. The quicker we unhook from the perceptions of others, the quicker positive, healing energy will flow through us. Don’t let the tribe dictate every aspect of your life; what you do, what you wear, whom you marry, if you divorce, or move to a new city. Shame [self-doubt] also comes from having to ask for help, having to start something new, having to admit to people that we don’t know everything, or having to be not as together as others may think we are or should be. We all so desperately want to look good.

When shame [self-doubt] comes up, use it as an opportunity to test your strength, to take your power back, and to move forward with your actions and choices despite others’ perceptions and expectations. Be a pioneer. Do the unexpected. Cut the umbilical cord still tying you to society and your tribe.

~Ariane de Bonvoisin, The First 30 Days

I was raised by Pioneer Women. I am so grateful for that legacy of strength, compassion, and courage. Embracing our emotions without judgment or restraint is what I call the Zest of life, the passion that flows through every living thing! It’s how we know we are alive, and when we open to it unchecked, it fuels our purpose with a fire that is seen and felt by everyone around us.

Do you have the courage to withstand the disapproval of others when you step out boldly and let your Light shine?

Ms. Penny blazed new trails that upset a lot of people. But then, she delighted so many more!

* She marched into men-only clubs in the world of horsemen, head held high.

* She stood her ground with mean spirited competitors in front of camera’s and journalists, never losing her dignity.

* She heard time after time that she was “just a housewife” who couldn’t possibly run a horse farm, much less pull it out of extreme debt.

And win the top three races her first time out? Impossible! She was dismissed as foolish and naïve … except to her team. They were of the same cloth, and they were inspired by her to achieve the dream for all of them. Together they set records that 38 years later, have not been broken.

What is your dream? Do you believe in yourself? Or do you let other people tell you who you are?

Don’t let anyone set limitations for you, and don’t buy into them for yourself. If you can dream it, the Power that Creates Worlds can provide the means to achieve it. But only if you believe in yourself, and stop trying to achieve your goals under the fallacy that you must prove yourself worthy. You already are worthy, now it’s time to BE the worthy achiever you were born to be. And you do that by approving of yourself, rather than needing it from others. Then, you are free to follow your heart.

Here’s a beautiful video by the very talented Giselle Frederich, with words from the Teachings of Abraham (thanks to Esther & Jerry Hicks) titled, Your Never Ending Quest.

Stay tuned for my next post revealing the 3rd Jewel in the Triple Crown of Achieving: Trust yourself and know who you are.

Tune yourself to what YOU want. Maintain your PURE FOCUS on the prize you are after, and run full speed with your heart wide open. Trusting that inner guidance I call Source, and embracing where it takes you, will yield results others tell you is impossible. Believe in the impossible. That’s how everyday magic and miracles will begin to happen in your life.

As we continue to watch the Triple Crown events unfold this season, let’s take a strong hold of our own reins so we can run full speed toward our heart’s desires. Stop comparing yourself to others, and wear blinders if you must. Get in touch with your courage, keep your focus on your dream, and run your own race … with all your heart and soul. That’s what I will be doing ;-) and I would love to hear from you to share in your adventures, as well.

Life is delicious – Live N Joy!

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