Run Your Own Race

Stop comparing yourself to others, and wear blinders if you must.  Run your own race … with all your heart and soul.

Thinking small isn’t easy or hard. It’s just a habit. A habit with consequences.

Same for thinking big.

There is no mountain too great, no sea too wide, no party too crowded, and no bank account too fat that you can’t take ‘em in stride.

The Universe (Mike Dooley, founder of

I watched the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May, as I do every year. It moved me beyond description, as it does every year. If you’ve watched the Derby, I imagine you feel the same way. How could you not feel inspired by the magnificent thoroughbreds, the skilled jockeys, the bold trainers, and the owners with giant dreams? All of them with their own remarkable heart rendering stories that make you want to cheer for them. But of course, only one horse will wear the Blanket of Roses at the end of day. This year it was a horse nobody held high expectations for, but of course, he knew better. Congratulations to Animal Kingdom, his owners, trainer and jockey, and everyone on that team whose courage and passion paid huge dividends!

We are in the midst of the Triple Crown racing season, with two of the three races behind us. In the spirit of this grand season of gallant horses and horsemen (and women), I felt compelled to watch (once more) the Disney movie that beautifully rekindles the magic of Secretariat, the greatest racehorse that has ever lived. What a story of courage and dauntless spirit!

There are more accolades for Secretariat than I can mention in this post, and his feats are the topic of many books and articles. Here are just a few of his achievements:

• Even before the Triple Crown events (which are limited to 3 year olds) he was setting records as the first 2-year-old to be unanimously voted Horse of the Year

• He was the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years, setting records at the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes in 1973 that still stand

• He appeared on the covers of Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated in the same week

• He was the only nonhuman chosen by ESPN as one of the “50 Greatest Athletes of the Century”

• After retiring, Secretariat sired over 600 foals, and his breeding rights were priced the highest in history even before earning the Triple Crown

The movie is not just an in depth look at the magnificent creature who was Secretariat, affectionately known as Big Red. Before the movie begins, we expect to be awed by his accomplishments. After all … no other horse has come close to his speed and accomplishments even 38 years later. But this is just as much the story of the owner, the brave-hearted woman who is Penny Chenery. Her indomitable father taught his baby-girl that the real win is not whether or not others think you won, it’s whether YOU ran your own race. He believed that is what makes you a winner, and taught her to approach success in life with one quest:

Did you run YOUR race … did you live Life on your terms? And, did she ever!

Without the support of her husband, brother, and originally even her children, she would not give up. By following her heart and relentlessly pursuing this incredible endeavor, she exemplified a great lesson. The lesson of how to be your own person. How to know who you are, listen to your instincts, and trust them. In the face of unfathomable adversity … managing her father’s horse farm which was nearly bankrupt due to his failing health, a marriage strained by her absence to pursue an unbelievable dream coupled with her husband undermining her pursuit of such a dream, and the emptiness from the painful loss of her father which brought more intense bickering from her brother to settle the estate … by selling out.

That was the 1970’s but it could very well tell a similar story as many people today dealing with the current economy and struggling to understand what move to make to stay afloat, and whether or not to cave on a dream that seems uncertain.

Yes, I realize, you are probably not trying to win the Triple Crown or anything even remotely close to such a record-breaking achievement. Neither was Penny. She was just trying to save the farm and her family. And she did, by running full speed toward every opportunity that Life presented to move her closer to the realization of her dream.

She was fearless, but not without moments that gave her pause. She was fearless because she ran with the fear, not because she never trembled. Not because she never made mistakes, either. But when she did, she openly expressed and embraced the tumultuous emotions she felt from the disappointment of that setback. Then, quickly re-grouped and recalculated to form her next plan. Always, she resumed her focus on her ultimate goal, and she moved steadily forward.

I’ve examined her amazing success formula. There are three components in the formula, as I see it. In honor of the Triple Crown season, I am calling each of these gems of wisdom, Jewels in the Crown of Joyful Achieving … as demonstrated by Ms. Penny & Secretariat. In the next few days, I will post about each of the three components. Beginning with the very first component … tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we will examine the 1st Jewel: Choose carefully your running partners … the people you allow to be in your life and share your dream.

In the meantime, I ask you to prepare yourself for this mini-course in being true to yourself and your dreams. There is only one thing to focus on in preparation … knowing your worthiness to desire and achieve anything in life that sparks your passion and joy. This is done by aligning with Source Energy, which flows through you and guides you toward anything you desire to be, or do, or have. Here’s a video by Giselle Frederich asking a powerful question: What Would It Feel Like … ? (as answered with deep love and amazing wisdom by The Teachings of Abraham) I use this anytime I need to renew my commitment to an important goal, or deepen my sense of worthiness to achieve my dreams. I believe it will uplift you as well.

After watching the video, do you feel renewed confidence that you are never alone in pursuit of your passion? That you are being powerfully and adoringly guided and supported? And that there is no desire that you cannot achieve when you align with –and then focus from – the Power that Creates Worlds, which flows through you as your Source? Let me know, if you will, in the comments today and the coming posts … I would love to hear how YOU decide to run your own race!

As we continue to watch the Triple Crown events unfold this season – and examine the Three Jewels of Joyful Achieving as demonstrated by Ms. Penny & Secretariat – let’s take a strong hold of our own reins so we can run full speed toward our heart’s desires. Stop comparing yourself to others, and wear blinders if you must. Get in touch with your courage, keep your focus on your dream, and run your own race … with all your heart and soul. That’s what I will be doing ;-) and I would love to hear from you to share in your adventures, as well.

Life is delicious – Live N Joy!

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