The ZOOM-EEK Cycle

Is the ZOOM … EEK cycle making you feel crazy? Tame the turbulent sea and reclaim laser like focus toward your vision.

Is the ZOOM … EEK cycle making you feel crazy? I know you know all about that cycle, because we all experience it from time to time.  Here’s how it unfolds ;-)

We are aligned and connected to All That Is.  Life is zipping along just as we designed, and we are soaring high.  Everything is moving full speed and it feels delicious.  We are proud, in control of this exhilarating pace, and loving every second of it … ZOOM!!!

All of a sudden … one more thing pops into our life.  Sure, it’s something we really want and we consciously joined forces with the Universe to create it.  But for some reason, it throws us out of our delicious soaring-high experience.  Like a kid whose training wheels have just been ripped away, we begin to wobble.  A deeply imbedded knee-jerk reaction takes over.  We stomp on the brakes …. EEK!!!  We slow down the speed of our wonderful life to a safely manageable pace.

Relief is our first feeling.  It’s nice to feel safe once again.  Soon it changes to disappointment.  Why?  Because we lost that delicious momentum; we over-corrected.  We went from ZOOM to EEK in record time.  That’s the ZOOM-EEK Cycle.  Are you nodding your head, recognizing it now?  Yeah, me too.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could learn to enjoy the ZOOM without getting wobbly and having that old response mechanism jumping in to throw us back into the EEK part of the cycle?  Oh, yes!  That would be marvelous.  I believe we can … want to explore it with me?

Why is it that sometimes, we can take it to the next level in our full grace and glory … but other times, we crash and burn? There’s a perfectly simple explanation.  We hit our set-point, we crashed into a wall of our old beliefs.

A set-point is a belief barrier that we probably don’t realize we have.  For example, we have set points about how much money we can earn.  Then there’s the set point of how much love we can receive, and how much success we can achieve.  But we have set points about many other things, not just the big goals of life.  We have them about the tiniest minutiae of life, a lifetime of subconsciously programmed beliefs and paradigms.  When we hit one, we knee-jerk back into what is familiar and safe.  What we know from previous experience, rather than risking an uncertain outcome beyond our actual life experience.

Want to take this a little further?  Go to the real core of what is happening, where our true power to correct it lies? Here we go ;-)

A deeper explanation for why this flip-flop occurs is that we forgot our connection to the Divine, Source Energy, God.  We forget from time-to-time that we are indeed meant to live glorious lives, and the Power that Creates Worlds is supporting us in every moment to do just that.  When we forget from whence our true power derives and instead look to worldly situations or other people to sustain us, no wonder we falter. It is in that moment we over-correct, and rapidly drop from soaring with confidence to abruptly falling from the sky.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the delightful daily messages created by Mike Dooley, founder of Think Unique Thoughts:

When you understand why something hurts, it stops hurting.

When you understand you have options, you take action.

And when you understand you have wings, you can soar again.

The Universe

[P.S.] If it’s still hurting, fly anyway.

~ Mike Dooley, TUT … A Note from The Universe

The real reason we ZOOM and EEK, rather than making steady, significant progress toward our most cherished desires is this: We forget we have wings, a gift from the Divine, and so we take our eye off the true prize. We let ourselves be distracted by the all the shiny bells and whistles constantly being set before us by others.  Ideas about how life should be lived, ideas about what really matters in life, and many more rules that are overtly communicated all day, every day.  Who we should be, how we should behave, and what we should value.

And the reason this happens to us is because we forget WHO we are.  We are made in the image of God.  We live and breathe and have our very Being in the magnificent stream that is Source Energy.  We are one with Source Energy flowing through the human perspective that is the life we are living.  We are meant to direct that powerful Energy stream as we choose, in ways that create joy and love in our world.  Recently, a Daily Word message described this idea beautifully:

Life is an endless circle within God.  From before birth to beyond the transition called death, I am filled with Life.  My soul wears this earthly garment I call my body, which I cherish and care for.  When I finally lay it down, my soul continues to live, always in God’s care and keeping.

During this life experience, I live fully and confidently, knowing that the life of God animates my body and the wisdom of God flows through my mind.  I use my mind, my hands, my voice and my heart to express God.

I behold the sweetness of life within and all around me.  I delight in the tiniest delicate flower and the tallest majestic mountain.  I am one with all life and one with the Creator … I am filed with Life, sweet Life.

~ Daily Word, a publication of

When we forget WHO we are and the power of our Focus, we stop co-creating with conscious intention.  We become adrift in a sea of other people’s energy.  The waves seem beyond our control, because we are staring into them and feeling overwhelmed by the swirling energy.  But when we raise our vision above them, the calm is restored.  The turbulent sea is still there, but we are safe now.  We have resumed the helm and regained conscious awareness of our vision.  We are in charge of our focus once again, and this powerfully directs our Energy flow with laser-like accuracy.  We are very much like a Lighthouse on the shore, beaming a steady Light into the turbulent sea of energy created by all those around us, a steady powerful Light that boldly proclaims WHO we are.

We must learn to be our own Lighthouse in the world, and set sail with our course firmly plotted according to our Divine Aspirations.  As I teach in my coaching, we must set our compass on JOY every single day.  In my eBook, Everyday Magic & Miracles: Harnessing the Power of Visualizing with the Joy of Inspired Action, I tell this true story of a dream provided to me in answer to a prayer.  It reveals how we are our own Lighthouse in the world.

Shine forth your Light & your Truth.  (An excerpt from Everyday Magic & Miracles, by Renée Brown, © 2010 n JOY Productions)

I. You are the Lighthouse – your thoughts constantly radiate into your environment and that signal is received and responded to by the Universe

Sometimes, I get powerful answers (the guidance I seek) in my dreams, or upon awakening from my sleep.  I feel blessed that I can ask for guidance before going to sleep, and then allow the dream to unfold.  Or, immediately upon awakening, I will have a thought so strong it feels like somebody is speaking to me, and this provides the answer I seek.

Here’s one of my most powerful dreams providing me Guidance, and this is the reason behind my love of Lighthouses.  I knew I wanted to start a business, but I was feeling anxiety about how I would attract clients.  As I went to sleep that night, I turned it over to The Universe and asked that it be revealed to me.  Here’s the dream that followed.  I woke up and was pulled like a magnet to walk out my front door (in my dream) and down the street to the light on the corner.  I stood there and looked up at the stars.  The light was now radiating from my head, like a huge aura going out into the darkness.  I heard a voice say:  Radiate the Love that is your Inner Truth and the people who are seeking what you offer will find you.  I realized, in that image, I was like a powerful Lighthouse, and my Inner Truth would radiate like the light they send out.  The clients I was seeking were like the ships who would find safe harbor as they were guided by that light.  I chose a beautiful lighthouse as my symbol for my marketing company, and that powerful dream is MY guiding light.

Do you realize that you are living this same image every day in your life?  What Light are you radiating into the world with your thought vibration?  Whatever that is will determine which ships come into your Energy field for safe harbor.

I encourage you to try this experiment over the next 10 days.  Anytime you catch yourself in the Zoom-Eek cycle, stop and ask yourself “What is my focus? What belief am I radiating into the world? Have I forgotten that I am here to be an expression of God in this life?”

For those of you who, like me, follow the Abraham-Hicks teachings … Abraham describes it this way:  “God is consciousness that is expanding.” One of the most moving video clips I have ever seen, Abraham on God, portrays the essence of God or Source Energy flowing through us in such a magnificent way that it will take your breath away.  As you watch the video, I hope you feel the magnificent flow of that powerful Energy which is the true essence of WHO you are.  Will you post comments to let me know if you feel it, too? My deep thanks to Giselle Frederich for her talent and inspiration in creating this video which is so uplifting.

Ahh … yes!  Life is precious.

Live N Joy,


P.S.  May I offer you a toolkit to help restore you to your alignment with your Inner Source, by teaching you how to move from where you are to where you wish to be quickly and easily?  I’d like to offer this as a gift for you:  Your 10 Minute Toolkit to FEEL BETTER FAST! (Just click on the link over to the right, in the sidebar.) And as always, I welcome your comments to discover how it serves you.  Blessings ;-)

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