The Art of Being YOU

What if we committed the New Year to being who we truly are?

As we began this glorious New Year, I was hearing this phrase a lot:  New Year, New You.  Were you hearing that too?  It seems very popular the past few years as we replace our calendars annually.

Although I like that phrase and appreciate very much the idea of beginning fresh as the New Year blooms, I want to suggest another way of christening this New Year.  I too believe that we all start with a fresh slate – not just at the New Year, but every single day.  But I think there is so much more we can embrace to empower our lives this year.

What if we committed the New Year to being who we truly are?

Not just the idea of being our best selves, but even more empowering than our best selves is our true self, our core self, the powerful spiritual and physical blended person we are without even having to try.  We just are that magnificent blend, and yet we often spend most of our lives living a miniscule version of our real self because we only embrace the physical person we were born into.  We so often approach life only from our physical abilities, and we only connect to the spiritual self perhaps in a crisis or at most, during a weekly religious ritual.  Now, I ask you, why would you live as only your physical self, when your greatest power and most fabulous self is stored in the spiritual dimension of who you are?

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to blend the delicious sensuality of the physical dimension of your life with the calm, strong, wise never-to-be-daunted spiritual self that you are?

Imagine living from that powerful sweet spot!  You are sure of your worthiness, your talent, your creativity … and you step out boldly to flow that inner power into everything you desire to enjoy as a human being.  Loving and joyous relationships, fulfilling career and business ventures, radiant vitality in your body … and so much more!  Intrigued?  Let’s delve in deeper.

I was spurred with this idea for my new year vision soon after unwrapping a lovely Christmas gift.  This is one of the most priceless gifts I have ever received at Christmas time, one that I will treasure always.  You see, it was the first piece of art produced by a coaching client and dear friend.  This talented lady had lost touch with her creative spirit, and I was honored to help her reconnect and rebuild her confidence to express herself through many forms of art.  She and I worked together last year using my visualizing system, Visualize 123, and my private coaching series, Laser Focus Mastery, combined with a custom designed video to support her daily in visualizing her creative talent, which I call Create Your Life Video.  (You can watch the video I designed for her if you like – it’s #3 on the sample video page of my website:

She made a lovely decoupage piece with a beautiful bird (knowing my love of birds) and this very wise saying, artfully presented with her special flair using a touch of antique beading:

Happiness is when you’ve gotten really good @ being YOU.

I absolutely love that definition of happiness!  Do you?  Think about it for a moment.  What could feel better than being really good at being yourself?  When you are so content with yourself and so connected with who you are that you are naturally, ineffably and imperiously … YOU.

And so, my question for you is this … will you join me to embrace the art of being YOU as your New Year’s focus?  In 2011, I would love for each of us to joyfully and wholeheartedly learn the Art of Being YOU, which means to approach life wholly, from your empowered blend of your Inner Source and your exquisite physical human self.  What freedom!

Now, you may be saying:  That sounds great! But exactly how do I do it? Glad you asked … I have a plan ;-) and a free tool that will help you get started. Let me begin with this story.

At the beginning of the month (Jan 5th) I was invited to co-host a radio program by my friend and colleague Darryl Clark in New York City, Progressive News Weekly.  (You can click on the link to listen.) Darryl’s show normally discusses controversial topics, and often it’s a bit heavy and focuses on negative events in our country which he encourages people to seek to understand and then take empowered action to solve.  His request was for me to bring fresh insight to the first show of the year, empowering his listeners to feel positive about their ability to make a difference in their lives.  I love that, of course, and was eager to join him as co-host of his first show of 2011.

The message I shared that day is very simple, yet surprisingly overlooked by a high percentage of people these days.  What did I present as the ideal method for accomplishing what people truly want to achieve?  The power of FOCUS. You see, we have minds that are capable of amazing accomplishments.  The problem is, we don’t focus our powerful mind in the direction of what we want to achieve.  Now, you may think you do, but I want to suggest you hear me out.  How often during the day are you allowing the media, or a colleague at work, or another person who lives in your home to determine what your powerful mind is riveted upon?  If you are honest, you will have to admit – you allow that to happen entirely too often!  Are you ready to change that?  It’s the most powerful tool you have!  Yes … the power of focus is the simplest, most effective, and most lasting agent of change and accomplishment for each of us.

In case you’re thinking, this is some kind of starry-eyed optimism, let me remind you of one of the most famous quotes from a most revered, genius scientist:

You cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking [mindset, focus, consciousness] from which it was created.

~ Albert Einstein

Yes indeed, one of the most brilliant minds of our time created seemingly impossible solutions and life enhancing discoveries because he did not limit his thinking to the current reality.  He approached what seemed impossible with a higher level of thinking, and focused upon the solution he sought.  Voilá!  Scientific miracles in his time.

Now, there is one more component of this process … and it’s where the true power lies.  Think for a moment of the most marvelous thing you’ve experienced in nature.  Even something as ordinary as a majestic tree with its deep roots and branches soaring high into the sky, covered with more leaves than you could possibly count.  That is a great symbol of the power of Life Force, which you may think of as Nature, or like me, you may consider it to be the spiritual essence of Life.  I call it Source Energy or the power of the Universe, and I grew up knowing this energy force to be God.

I want to suggest to you that when you align with your inherent connection to this Life Force, the Source Energy of all that is, you will harness that power in all that you do by the power of your emotions, and your words, and your focus.  If you don’t take a moment to create that powerful link, you are approaching life from the human physical dimension alone.  Something most people are not aware of, and yet it is a vital lesson for leveraging your mind to achieve the dreams of your heart.

My Most Important Relationship Is With My Source… There is no relationship of greater importance to achieve than the relationship between you, in your physical body, right here and now, and the Soul/Source/God from which you have come. If you tend to that relationship, first and foremost, you will then, and only then, have the stable footing to proceed into other relationships. Your relationship with your own body; your relationship with money; your relationship with your parents, children, grandchildren, the people you work with, your government, your world . . . will all fall swiftly and easily into alignment once you tend to this fundamental, primary relationship first.

— Abraham (Excerpt from the book by Jerry & Esther Hicks, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships)

Now that you understand what to do and why it’s vitally important in order to create the life you really want in this fresh year ahead, let me give you a tool that will get you started.  To help you learn how to focus with conscious intention, you will need to begin paying attention to your emotions.  Oh no!  Not that, again you may be saying ;-)   Or, perhaps you are already in touch with your emotions and happy to learn more about how to harness the beauty of your feelings.  (Congratulations if that is true for you.) Either way, please stay with me on this.  Getting comfortable managing your emotions is the pivotal key to learning to enjoy being yourself.  Understanding the vital message of your emotions is the key to unlock the vault where all your desires are stored.  Why?  Because your emotions are your constant indicators of what you are focusing upon, and thereby creating in your life. That’s right!  Instead of trying to control your thoughts, go right to the heart of the matter and begin observing your emotions.

I have a ten minute process that is very easy to learn, and it will guide you on the journey to understanding and then managing your emotions:  Your 10 Minute Toolkit to FEEL BETTER FAST!  Just click on that link over in the right sidebar, and it will take you to a page that gives you all the details and easy instructions to get your Toolkit absolutely free.  Here is what you will receive in the toolkit:

  1. A worksheet to help you quickly assess your emotional state about any situation, and then easily pivot yourself into a more positive state before harnessing the power of focus to visualize the result you want
  2. A short training video to ensure you fully understand how to use the worksheet
  3. The audio download of the introduction and fist chapter of my eBook, Everyday Magic & Miracles: Harnessing the Power of Visualizing with the Joy of Inspired Action

Each of these is available as a digital download, so you will have it instantly when you’re ready to get started.  Why wait?  Click on the link over to your right, in the sidebar, and begin right away.  It’s fun and easy – enjoy!

One last thing I want to share with you as you begin this exciting new approach to your life this year.  A beautiful video produced by Giselle Frederich based on the Abraham-Hicks teachings, which will help you embrace this marvelous divine connection that is with you always.  Thank you, Giselle, for the masterful video.

My warmest wishes for you to enjoy a delightful and fulfilling life in this coming year.  It’s time to experience the liberating, delicious happiness of unabashedly being who you really are.

I hope you will join me again as we explore ideas to achieve the perfect blend of purity and passion in our lives.  Until then, please remember …

Life is precious, savor every moment!


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Renée Brown is a Spiritual Mentor & Visualizing Coach who offers simple, effective ways to blend the purity of spiritual concepts with the passion of delicious worldly experiences. As a lifetime student of metaphysics, Renée has a special talent for designing Law of Attraction focus groups and tools that provide laser-like clarity, empowering you to implement concepts immediately with fast, effective results. Renée has served as Chaplain, Youth Director and Teacher for many years in the Unity church. She has facilitated training and Master Mind groups, both spiritually focused and in business. She has a strong background in sales, project management, and business management. Renée also has served as mentor to children in the public school system.

Renée Brown is the creator of VISUALIZE 123, which has been written about in Unity Magazine. After a devastating divorce, Renée designed tools and processes to help her flourish and renew her life. She developed these exact processes and tools into a system that teaches you to harness the power of focus using her visualizing self-study course which is based on Law of Attraction and the science of Vibrational Energy. This system is very simple to learn and powerfully effective. It can be implemented in less than an hour, and only requires 15 minutes per day to incorporate into your everyday life for amazing – real – results. For more information about this innovative self-improvement system, please visit her website: